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As we enter a new year, most people like to de-clutter their house – the first room they focus on is the kitchen. With the cooking, (and sometimes eating) occurring in this room, it is important to recognise ways in which your kitchen can be improved this year. A common pet hate for people are cooking and eating in cramped or unhygienic conditions, so let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can better your kitchen in 2020.



As we all know, dinnerware goes through its fair share of wear and tear daily. When you take this into account, accompanied by the fact your dinnerware will have taken a battering over Christmas, it may well be time to get a new set. If your dinnerware is not in a presentable state, investing in a quality set from brands such as Corelle is the way forward. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they are break and chip resistant – perfect for withstanding the use of day to day life. Corelle sets are also ideal for parties and events because they boast sets with many items and can be used in multiple cooking methods. Investing in new dinnerware this year will not only freshen up your kitchen but will also provide you with peace of mind that you have dinnerware to survive through the years.

Make the Most of Space

Spacious Kitchen

Even if your kitchen isn’t particularly spacious, there are many ways in which you can make the most of your kitchen’s available space. One way of doing this is by storing items inside the door – many racks and attachments can be bought to fix onto your door. The little things in your kitchen, (such as herbs, cleaning products and lids) that would usually clutter up a cupboard can be stored inside a door rack, using up next to no space. Another great way of making the most of space is attaching cupboards higher up your kitchen walls. This space wouldn’t be used for anything else, so having an extra cupboard or two to store all your excess items is a perfect solution. If you are still struggling for space, another alternative is to purchase multifunctional kitchen items such as a blender as they can often make smoothies, soups and ice-creams. A few other notable mentions for storage are:

  • Stack extra items on top of cabinets.
  • Put a dishwasher or fridge/freezer inside a cupboard.
  • Purchase smaller appliances.

Improve Your Kitchen’s Hygiene

Hygienic Kitchen

Improving hygiene in your kitchen isn’t just a case of using a bin and buying cleaning products. There are many ways in which you can make your kitchen a cleaner place to cook. One of these is by getting a new washing up sponge. Most people probably haven’t ever given their washing up sponge any thought. However, your sponge can be prone to salmonella, mould and E. coli if it hasn’t been replaced in a while. If you clean your sponge with hot water and let it dry every time, its life will be extended – but it is likely that your sponge is ready for the bin by now. Another way of making your kitchen hygienic is by investing in new pots and pans. Of course, if you have high-end products which are in perfect condition, this isn’t a worry. However, pots and pans often have a coating that chips off, which could prove disastrous if it flakes off into your food. Chopping boards are another item that is prone to bacteria due to the cuts and grooves that knives form in them. Of course, you can disinfect your chopping board and keep on using it – but after so long the grooves will become too deep to clean, and the board will no longer be worth the risk of using. Investing in a new board could be pivotal in making your kitchen clean and hygienic this year.

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