How To Incorporate Light And Colour Into Your Garden


One of the biggest secrets to a beautiful garden is the correct balance of lighting and color. For many years people have been attempting to inject light into their gardens in more ways than one, and with the addition of color, this combination has a stunning result. Just like in the home, lighting and color are two significant factors to take into consideration, as they have an impact on the way space feels, looks, and ultimately the message you want it to give. Continue reading to find out just how you can create the perfect outdoor space and use lighting and color to transform your garden.

Create A Flower Wall

Create A Flower Wall

A great way to add color to your garden without having to make many changes at all is to create a flower wall. Flower walls are trendy at the moment as not only do they look beautiful, but they’re the perfect way to inject some color into your garden and bring the area to life. There are a few ways in which you can add a flower wall to your garden, with the simplest being to add climbing flowers to the side of your home. This gives the plant a chance to freely grow up the wall and create a gorgeous display of flowers that spreads across the area over time. You can also create a flower wall with fencing. Add some fencing panels to your garden with ties to help keep the flowers supported. This will ensure that they grow and climb in the right direction, creating a gorgeous display for you to enjoy throughout the summer.

Add An Arch Or Arbour

Add An Arch In Garden

Introducing a bold feature to your garden is an excellent way of adding character and color. Arches and arbors are garden features that will add class and style to your outdoor space, without having to make much of a change at all. Having this kind of function in your garden creates a beautiful aesthetic that will enhance the way your garden looks and create a welcoming feel. From metal wireframes to wooden designs, there are all kinds of stylish arches and arbors on the market that you can choose from to ensure you get the perfect style for your garden.

Let The Light In

Let The Light In Garden

Having enough light in your garden is essential, especially when it comes to those beautiful summer days. Many people struggle to let as much natural light into the garden as they can, and this often boils down to the trees/hedges surrounding your garden. If your garden has tall trees and full hedges that are blocking the sunlight from entering your backyard, then now is the time to trim them down enough to stop this from happening. While you still want to have privacy and not eliminate the character that these add to your garden, you can get away with trimming them down slightly, and it could make a huge difference.

Similarly, on an evening, it’s always good to have a subtle supply of lighting throughout your garden to brighten the area and make it safe. Having garden lights around your garden will make it much easier for you to make the most of your garden in the evening, whether you’re throwing a garden party or having a BBQ.

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