How To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Apartment Decor



Most of us know the feeling of too much stuff in too little space. Maybe you’ve tried the Marie Kondo approach or have an annual attempt at spring cleaning, but you wonder: if I get rid of all my stuff, won’t my apartment just look so boring?

If you’ve wondered about minimalism but can’t quite seem to commit, you’re in the right place. We understand the struggle of becoming a full-blown minimalist, and we’re here to help you cut the clutter and turn your apartment into the minimalist home of your dreams.

Minimalism in your apartment decor doesn’t have to mean boring, empty spaces and getting rid of everything you love. Instead, it can mean choosing to prioritize the things that are truly important to you and keeping everything else simple and clean.

Here are our best tips for incorporating minimalism into your apartment decor.

Cut The Clutter

Okay, we know we said that minimalism doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything, but it does mean you should probably get rid of some things.

Minimalism is all about having clear, clean spaces. Tchotchkes and trinkets on end tables, dressers, and counters detract from this appearance, no matter how carefully curated your collection might be. And drawers and closets that are overflowing make it harder to maintain your minimalist home.

Remember, you don’t only have to keep useful things. There are ways to incorporate your salt-and-pepper shaker collection or your favorite pieces of artwork into a minimalist decor.

But choose carefully. Curate your items rather than just keep them for their own sake. Get rid of anything you’re keeping out of obligation rather than affection.

Get Smart With Storage

Once you’ve trimmed down your items, it’s time to keep the vast majority of them out of sight. Find creative ways to store items in closets, drawers, or other hidden spaces. If you have the resources to invest in a larger project, you can build or buy a custom storage solution to fit in the extra space you have available.

Furniture with built-in storage is a huge advantage when going, minimalist. Hollow footstools and beds with storage underneath are game-changers as you wonder just where you’re going to put all of this stuff. Closet storage systems are also a huge advantage in keeping things tidy.

A key principle to remember when converting your storage to a minimalist theme is that you must carefully curate what can be seen and what can’t. Kitchen counters aren’t storage space, and neither is the top of your cabinets or that space behind your couch. Find a specific, hidden space for each item and be sure it always returns to its designated spot.

Use A Neutral Color Scheme

Basic Color Scheme

A minimalist apartment has no place for vibrant accent walls and funky rugs. The basic color scheme for your apartment should rely on neutral colors, with color and interest coming from carefully selected accent pieces and artwork.

There’s nothing wrong with plain white walls and gray floors and furniture. They maintain the clean and simple aesthetic of minimalism and reduce the stress of trying to match any new purchase to that bright blue couch.

Make Use Of Patterns & Texture

When you’re keeping a neutral color scheme, it doesn’t have to be boring. In some ways, it can become more interesting by using unique patterns and textures on your furniture, throw pillows and blankets, and other items. You can create an eye-catching and unique room all in black and white with the creative use of patterns and textures.

Go Antique Or Vintage

Curating your collection of furniture, art, and other accent pieces is an important principle of minimalism. The unique pieces that you choose and love are what make the space yours, and they don’t have to follow any rules—the only requirement is that you truly love it and believe it adds something to your space.

Antique and vintage shops are perfect places to find these unique accent pieces. You might find a kooky end table, antique movie posters, or any number of things that give a very distinct feel to your home. Don’t get carried away and start filling your home with antiques, but choose a few pieces now and then that brings something special to your apartment.

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Decor

Going minimalist in your apartment means going minimalist everywhere—even the bathroom. Clear out your old medications and half-used lotions and create a neat and tidy space with set rules for what’s allowed in.

Consider finding matching containers to hold all your bathroom products, from shampoo to cotton swabs, so everything in your bathroom has a uniform appearance, and the dozen different shampoo bottles don’t look messy.

As far as the color scheme for your new minimalist bathroom, keep it simple. Brightly-colored bathrooms may be on the rise, but the minimalist aesthetic calls for a neutral color palette. White all around is perfectly acceptable for any bathroom, and it’s even more on-brand for a minimalist one.

Don’t Be Afraid of Empty Space

At the heart of minimalism is simplicity, and that means being open to space. When you clear your counters of unnecessary clutter and get rid of that second mismatched end table in your living room, your space might feel too open and empty. After all, in a tiny space, you’re supposed to make use of every available inch, right?

Sort of. In a minimalist home, less is truly more. That space, whether it’s in your living room or on your bedroom wall, adds simplicity, and calm to your home. It can take some getting used to, particularly if you’re going from a home crowded with stuff to a new minimalist apartment. But if you can maintain it, the peace from that purposeful emptiness will do wonders for you.

Go Minimalist Today

Converting your apartment into a minimalist dream space won’t happen overnight, but you can start taking steps toward it right now. Clear off your kitchen counters or start a pile of things you haven’t used in months. Test the waters by getting organized in one room, and see if you’re ready to make the leap into full-blown minimalism.

Curate the things you love and cut out the things that only clutter. Your simple, minimalist life is waiting for you.

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