How To Incorporate Rustic Country Decor Into Any Room


Around 87% of Americans spend their time inside buildings, mostly homes and workplaces. This explains the importance of designing your dream home.

Introducing rustic country decor is key for personalizing every room and adding visual intrigue to your home. But, if you do this wrong, you could end up designing a loud, unattractive space. Maybe that’s what brought you here; you want to embrace this style and are searching for inspiration.

Rustic Country Decor

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to add rustic country decor to every home.

Welcome Natural Materials

You’ll notice that a huge part of rustic decor is welcoming natural materials into your room. This helps bring the outside in and leans into the rustic theme, regardless of how modern your home is.

If you want a unique fixture, you should buy oak barrels here or add a unique fixture to spark visual intrigue.

Experiment With Texture

Homeowners in love with rustic style should play around with texture. You could place a rattan chair in the corner of the living room or lay down a burlap rug. The beauty is that there is no right or wrong answer, so be bold with balancing different materials for a unique look.

Incorporate Modern Art

Art is a huge element of modern rustic design, especially contemporary pieces. Most homeowners choose abstract wall art because it acts like the room’s focal point, so it looks sleek. When buying art, don’t feel overwhelmed because there are pieces that align with every homeowner’s budget and taste.

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

If you’re set on rustic interior design, lean towards a neutral color palette. You should aim for muted, natural tones like mud-brown or sand-colored furniture. It’s also wise to paint the walls neutral and bright so that it opens up the space.

Homeowners can also go the extra mile by installing paneled walls. Make sure that you choose white-washed or light panels; otherwise, it could look oppressive and outdated.

Carve Out A Cozy Spot

You’ll notice that rustic-style homes always have a cozy spot. Whether it’s in a bedroom or living space, carve out an area where you can enjoy a book and unwind after a busy day. For instance, you could either create an intimate seating spot or even a chaise longue.

Add Floral Accents

There’s no greater homage to the modern rustic style than with an accent wall. Ideally, floral accents because they work in every room. If you don’t want to commit to a permanent fixture, dot fresh flowers in vases throughout your home as it adds a modern country vibe.

Embrace Rustic Country Decor Today

Hopefully, you’re ready to add rustic country decor to your home.

There are many ways to embrace the modern country style, such as choosing a neutral color palette and carving out a cozy spot. Homeowners should also add floral accents and experiment with different textures. Good luck with designing!

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