How To Incorporate Your Speakers Into Your Interior Design


Musical technology is more popular than ever in India; the number of mobile phone subscribers grows by a staggering 12 million a month, and one of the most popular apps is YouTube.

After all, there has never been a better time to listen to Indian music, as the music industry in this country is set to double over the next five years. So there are lots of great reasons to bring musical technology into your home – but how can you make sure that your speakers won’t ruin your interior design?

Minimalist design is trendy, but sadly most sound systems don’t fit in with this type of look. Long wires, plugs and prominent speakers can quickly look like clutter, but thankfully it is easy to incorporate speakers into your home design.

Here is how to hide music speakers in your home so that they don’t distract from your décor.

How To Hide Speakers

Incorporate Your Speakers Into Your Interior Design

One of the best ways to hide speakers is to invest in high-quality bookshelf speakers that can easily be hidden and tucked away on a shelf. These minimalist and straightforward devices can be blended, unnoticed into the room by placing books around them, or you can completely hide them by putting an ornament or a picture in front of them. You could also buy a ventilated box to put over the speakers so that they disappear entirely! This will make the room more peaceful and relaxing; various studies have found that looking at technology can make you stressed, and if you place the speakers a few inches behind the ornament the sound quality shouldn’t be affected at all.

How To Hide Wires

Hide Wires Modern Interior Designing

Most people also want to hide the unsightly wires that are attached to the speakers. You can do this by getting creative; some people choose to run the wires underneath the carpet or a rug. You can also attach the wires along the baseboards of the house to make them seem tidier. This means that they are mostly out of sight, and if you paint the cables to match the baseboards, they will be virtually invisible.

You can have great music without having to add technological clutter to your home. These methods ensure that you can have surround sound music in any room in your house – and you don’t have to worry about looking at an inconsistent speaker that seems out of place.


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