How To Increase The Space On A Small Room


Small Room Decor

You are in the process of planning a home remodel since you believe it will go a long way in converting your home into an adorable art piece and increasing its overall value. Wise move!

But looking at various rooms in your home, you realize they have very little space, and you don’t think the décor you install during the remodel will suit your style.

You start lamenting that space will not give you the comfort you need to do what you desire in a big home, such as playing with your pet or allowing your kids to run freely.

There is one big problem that you are not optimistic that a small room is great!

Factually, small rooms are easier to keep clean, easier to organize, and easier to decorate.

Also, there are a host of strategies that you can implement during the renovation to make your small rooms appear bigger, even if you are working on a tight budget. They include;

  1. Declutter

The reason why your room looks smaller is not that it was built that way. It’s simply because you have a lot of stuff in it that you don’t need.

To make your space less cramped and create space, get all collections out of view. Put the things you need on shelves or behind the doors.

With everything out of sight, your small room will look orderly and spacious. Easy, right?

  1. Let In Natural Light During The Day And Add More Lamps

If a room is well-lit with natural or artificial light, it will appear larger. Therefore, remove heavy draperies during the day and let natural light in. To ensure your view of the room doesn’t change when night falls, install the recessed lighting, and track lighting. Nonetheless, only ensure the lights are on when you need them to conserve energy.

  1. Use Light Colors On The Floor And Walls

For a fact, dark colors make a room look cozy. Nonetheless, they absorb light and can make a small room look even smaller. Therefore, if you want your small rooms to appear larger and airier, consider using light colors that reflect your style.

  1. Pull Furniture Away From The Walls

Some people believe that placing furniture against the walls is the best strategy to create space in a small space. This is not true. What will create space is doing the opposite.

Avoid placing furniture or other large items against the wall. Move them a few inches away, and you will achieve a more open space.

  1. Consider Statement Furniture

Having many pieces of furniture will doubtlessly clutter a small room. One of the best strategies of ensuring you have enough sitting arrangements without compromising the already small space is having one large couch. It will not only look great, but it will also make a small room appear bigger.

  1. Strips Can Elongate The Space!

Using a striped rug is one of the easiest, yet the best ways to make a room appear larger. To get the best out of this technique, ensure the stripes go the length of the room that is the longest, like a racetrack from the Kentucky Derby.

  1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are essential additions that can create a sense of additional space in small rooms. You can use an oversized framed mirror against the wall or a large-framed mirror on the wall.

The mirrors will reflect light and illuminate the room, thus making feel more open and airy. You can capitalize on this aspect and place mirrored chest drawers and a glass coffee table.

Have you tried any of these tactics? Well, try them now and notice the difference!

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