How To Install A Door Lock And Handle?


How To Install A Door Lock And Handle

Our door lock and handle are the crucial part of security. We use the door lock and frequently handle it several times a day. As it is a major part of our daily lives, it needs special care and attention. For your recommendation today, we will discuss a new topic, “How to install door lock and handle?” In this regard, we might take help from a professional guy who has long experience in this specific field. Now you can try it by yourself by reading the full tutorial.


There are several threats to burglars around the world. They are trying to break into your home, and if you have any security leak, they will take full advantage of it. Your door lock should be strong, and you need to ensure three-layer security here so that no one can easily break the security system here. Now, how much you want to spend here for a security lock is absolutely up to you, but you need to spend a decent amount there for a good combination of lock and handle.


If you plan to change the existing door lock, it is not important to make a new hole there. Easily you can continue your work with the existing setup. You need to change the door lock and set up a new updated one there. For a new existing setup, you need to look after these things.

  • You need to measure the appropriate distance between the holes for the handle and door lock. The center should do the measurement to the center.
  • The proper measurement of diameter and holes are needed.
  • Calculate the accurate thickness of the door.
  • The proper distance between the hole and the handle is important. In this area, you need to insert the screw from top to bottom.

Now, let me describe to you the installation procedure for the lock and handle.

The drill holes for the handle and deadbolt | How to install a door lock and handle?

  • Firstly, place the lock template on the door properly. For accuracy, you need to use the masking tape here.
  • What is the hole saw on the template there? Check it out properly, and then go for drilling.
  • The indicated portion of the tape needs to be enlarged properly.
  • It would help if you did it slowly. The perfect level hole will help you to set up this process.
  • When the first side is complete, then go for drilling the other part. It will help you to clean this hole accurately.
  • For safety reasons, we are requesting you to insert a flat, boring bit in your drill. You can refer to the template for the actual measurement.
  • Now you need to drill the hole for the deadbolt. Place the drill level to make it square.
  • We are suggesting you use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the holes.

Now It’s Time To Chisel Out The Area For The Faceplate

The faceplate is recognizing as a rectangular metal sheet that is surrounding by a deadbolt and latches bolt. Let me describe to you the full procedure here.

  • Firstly, you need to insert the bolt into the lateral hole of the selected door.
  • For sketching it properly, you can use a pencil here.
  • To ensure accuracy, you need to use a wood chisel to mark it around the line.
  • The parallel line should be ¼ inch apart from the contour.
  • The chisel should be in an angel, and the amount could be 45 degrees that are pressurized into the wood. Now you need continuous pressure to remove the wood.
  • Go for repeating the other bolt, if it is necessary.

How Do You Install The Handle Here? | How To Install A Door Lock And Handle?

  • You need to place the latch bolt into the lateral hole.
  • Now the user needs to place the exterior handle with the new opening exterior door here.
  • What do you need to do in the inside part here? Replace the mounting plate accurately and then insert the handle by using the latch mechanism.
  • The mounted screws need to be fastened properly.
  • The screws need to fasten up for further latch mechanisms.
  • This is the normal procedure for installing the new handle on the door. Follow this method from top to bottom properly.


We have tried to describe this procedure in a modern way to catch the procedure easily and adopt the new techniques. Do you feel any hesitation here? Watch some video tutorials on YouTube that will help you in many ways. If you like to know any other advanced techniques, then please comment here below.

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