How To Install A Security Door?


Security Door Installation

Who doesn’t want a secure life? It becomes our new demand nowadays. From home to office, everywhere we look for maximum level security maintenance to avoid uncertainty (e.g., stealing, robbery, etc.).

However, Porte Blindée Bruxelles Prix (the price of security door) is rising day by day because of its safety features. But it is crucial to know how to install a security door properly.

Otherwise, all your effort will go in vain. By installing a secured door, you can ensure a secure and safe home and get mental peace. So let’s have an idea about the installation process.

How To Install A Security Door Yourself

The tendency of using the security door is increasing in many places like banks, airports, offices, homes, etc. Along with the concern of door locks, one must concentrate on managing the security door. A combination of both will enhance the security level and reduce your tension also.

Things To Mark Before Any Installation

Before installing your security door, you must check the size and type of the door. Make sure the door is convenient enough for passing air properly. Color is also mentionable. Either you or an expert can manage the entire installation process.

Tools Materials
–        Pencil

–        Cordless drill

–        Safety goggles earmuffs

–        Multiple impact drivers (Philip’s heads)

–        Combination square

–        Spade (12 mm)

–        Chisel

–        Tape for measurement

–        Utility knife

–        Standard screen door & door hardware

–        Timber screws (300 mm)

–        Plastic wedges

To-do’s For Installing A Security Door

Here, we will provide some tasks step by step to learn the installation process by yourself!

Task 01: Measure The Door Size

Examine the entire door, enlist the height and width of the door before selecting your desired one. The doorways come in a standard size, but they may vary sometimes. Check out the door where it’s righty or lefty in the opening. You can put special orders from your nearer burnings.

Task 02: Buy The Right Security Door

Experts mainly do this. The sliding door reduces the chance of a thief’s break-down because these doors are highly potential in maintaining security.

Task 03: Install Handles & Lock

The door without handles or locks remains incomplete. Go on with the instruction you get with the door you bought about attaching these. Screw the locks properly. Both interior and exterior doors have different levels of locks and handles.

Task 04: Measure The Equipment

Before setting the equipment, measure them properly, like comparing both the door and doorway, check the screws that fit in where, measure the gap between the door and doorways (standard gap 3 mm), etc. You can also mark where it is necessary to have hinges.

Task 05: Drilling And Hinges

Making hinges for better measurement and ideal set up. You can also apply pre-drill for hinges (about 2 mm). After that, screw in the top hinge for 30 mm and do it again to the bottom and mid hinge areas. Maintain the sequence order too!

Task 06: Mark, Drill & Put The Striker

Find the striker’s center by closing the door, mark it, and transfer it onto the door jamb. Drill holes for this and latch also. Make sure the hole is a little bit larger than the striker.

Examine the striker fits in the doors or not (close the door). You can also pre-drill for a pilot test to see the fitness of the striker plate. Later on, look over the lock and handle too.

Task 07: Feel Secured

Now you have a secured door on your premises that gives you peace and safety and makes you live a tension-free life.

Have A Look At Some Branded Security Doors

Before buying any security door, you should go through the latest brands to have a better idea. Based on the most selling priority, here go some brands:

  • Stanton Concepts
  • BiLock NG
  • Sargent & Greenleaf
  • Abloy Protec

The mentioned brands come with high security and come with great resistance, power, and compatibility.

Different Type Of Security Door

Sliding Door

You will see that in many houses nowadays, install sliding doors because of its usefulness. Thieves or strangers cannot get in quickly if you put some safety measures on it. They are:

  • Check the lock with accuracy.
  • Put slide lock bar for the auto-close.
  • Clean the rollers and tracks regularly for smoothness
  • Attach commercial locking system with the existing facility

Home Security Door

There are a couple of ways that enhance your home door by putting extra security on it, such as a CCTV camera on the door, wireless bell, video calling system, etc. Another feature you can add is a wireless home security system. For instance, put an alarm system in the entire home.

This is a part of the ultramodern exterior which provides-

  • Cellular communicator (transmit signals to saved contacts on uncertain fuses or fire)
  • Time alerts enable while charging require
  • Instant arming or disarming facility
  • Sense threats and build siren

Steel Door

Apart from the home door or sliding door, the steel door is also working as a security door for their vital characteristics. It can be armed or disarmed when necessary, resistant to rust or corrosion, and carry a multi-point lock leaf.

Let’s Secure Your Premises

Who wants to risk his life or wealth? So, install a door today with proper security equipment. You never know when danger will knock at the door. Be aware of equipping proper safety precautions today!

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