How To Install A Sprinkler System – Simple Steps To Install An Irrigation System


Are you planning to install the sprinkler system in your garden? You can perform the task of fixing the sprinkler system by yourself by going through this informative piece of writing. Here I will make you aware of the steps regarding how to install an irrigation system efficiently.

Let’s move ahead to explore the ways on the same, which will allow you to water your yard efficiently.

Ways Of Installing The Sprinkler System

  1. Consider The Size

Consider The Size

Make use of tape measure to calculate the size of the yard. Explore the location of underground cables in the yard. Know about the water pressure and find out the coverage of the sprinkler. You should make yourself aware of the locations and types of sprinkler heads.

  1. Set Up Water Line

Set Up Water Line

Install the anti-siphon valve, which will help in connecting the main service line of water. If you prefer an easy way, then you can connect to the tap. The lawn chemicals, fertilizers, and salty water will be prevented because of the anti-siphon valve.

  1. Arrange Waterway

Arrange Waterway

You can arrange a waterway by making use of the vibratory plow, up to 6-8” deep dig a trench. At 450 angle, you can slope the sides. Make filling and patching the trench effortless by placing the sod to one side and soil to another.

  1. Put On The Valve Pi-Page

Put On The Valve Pi-Page

Dig up the more massive hole in which you can keep the pi-page box. To the main water supply, you can connect one end of the valve pipe. To have security, you should fasten the clinch.

  1. Connect The PVC Pipe

Connect The PVC Pipe

To the open end of the tube, you can link the 3/4” PVC pipe. Through the main waterway lay the pipe by making use of ‘tee’ connectors. Make use of the thin and even-textured adhesive.

  1. Place The Sprinkler Head

Place The Sprinkler Head

Following the lawn and landscape irrigation needs, you can select the proper sprinkler heads. Get away from the debris by flushing out the water on the risers put in the sprinkler heads. By making use of soil level, you can make even the sprinkler heads. Use dirt and soil to fill in the ditch and holes.

  1. Make Use Of Controller

Make Use Of Controller

To keep an eye on the length and frequency of the watering, you should make use of the timer. To main service line make the final connection. Go through the working of the system. Make sure you enjoy even coverage for which you should tune all sprinkler heads.

Finally, your installation task of the sprinkler system is over.

Effortlessly Install The Irrigation System

The steps mentioned above will guide you regarding how to install the sprinkler system in a simple, easy, and comfortable way. Follow the steps in the systematic order so that you can enjoy a sound irrigation system in your yard or farm.

If your sprinkler system is perfect, you don’t have to worry about the dry weather. The proper installation of the sprinkler head will provide you lush green lawn. With your efforts along with the steps stated here, you can enjoy the abundant greenery.

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