How to Install and Maintain Hot Water System for Your Home?


Hot Water System Installation

Water heating is the second most prevalent user of energy, after space cooling and heating. Almost 70% of the heated water is utilized in the bathroom alone while the rest is for the kitchen and laundry. In this regard, you need to choose the best hot water system for your bathroom, kitchen, and basin. Choosing the right system can offer innumerable benefits in terms of energy costs and even efficiently meet the hot water demands of the household. Different heating systems are available with a separate hot water tank, which can store hot water and circulate the hot water through the separate water channels or tapware. For the installation of these hot water systems, you need to install several attachments, and in this regard, you can consult with the manufacturing companies.

When you are installing a new water heater or replacing the existing one, then it is vital to select an appropriate option that suits your budget, home, impact on the environment (carbon footprint of the system), and climate.

Install and Maintain the Hot Water System

When you are planning to purchase a new water heater for your home, then there are certain steps that you must follow and these include

  • Do understand the size of the hot water system that you will require. This is because you always want uninterrupted water flow through all the channels in your kitchen or washroom. This can only be achieved when choosing the appropriate size of the water heater.
  • Do gather information about the various types of fuel used by the system. Most of the water heaters use LPG gas, electricity, natural gas, or solar energy for their operations. The fuel that you will choose will determine the energy consumption of the system. You have to find the power consumption level of the machine and then take the best hot water system, which needs the low power capacity only.
  • Do prepare an estimate of the annual operating expenses, and compare this with the energy-efficient models. These hot water systems can increase your energy bill, and you need to operate the system when you need only. The rest of the time, you need to switch off the hot water system to save your power consumption bill.
  • Don’t assume that the new hot water system that you will have can be easily installed where the old one was placed. This is because efficiency improvements and better insulation make some of the advanced models wider and taller than older options.
  • Don’t install the system on your own because there are many complicated components present in it. Always hire a professional plumber for a hot water system installation task.

The advanced hot water systems offer an exceptional range of features such as glass-lined tanks, digital displays, anti-scale devices, brass drain valves, and in-built thermostats to ensure that you can use them for 15 years with proper maintenance and care.

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  1. Excessive water pressure, extreme temperatures, or poor water quality can negatively impact the life expectancy of your hot water system. This means you might require frequent and inconvenient hot water repairs.


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