How To Install Mini Blinds?


Mini Blinds

A mini blind is a popular window treatment option nowadays. Its affordability and lightweight structure are the two main reasons buyers increasingly choose it. Mini blinds have no complicated method or installation process. They have a hassle-free process. These blinds are also popular in online stores. You can easily find them on online shopping sites selling window treatments.

If you want to know about installing a mini blind, here is the information.

  1. Measure Your Window

Things You Need: Pencil, Measuring tape, Ladder

The very first step of the installation is in measuring your window. It is essential to determine the correct height and width of your window. Because only after doing so will you be able to buy the right size of blinds.

Now, you have two installation options for the blind –

  • Either you choose to mount your mini blind on the inside of the window casing or frame. This type of installation will make your window look bigger than it is.
  • You can also fit it inside the casing or frame, which will give a slimmer look to the window. This type of installation allows light to shine through the edges.

With the correct measurements in hand, purchase the mini blind that suits your preferences and budget.

  1. Mark The Mounting Ends

Things You Need: Pencil, Ladder

After you have purchased your blinds, unpack them and make mounting marks on their two ends. If you want to set your blinds for the outside casing, remember to make marks ⅕ of an inch past the two headrails. Doing this will help you know where to attach the brackets. And for inside casing blinds, place the headrail inside the window casing. Now, make the marks on the two ends.

  1. Drill The Pilot Holes

Things You Need: Pencil, Drilling machine

The mini blind you brought will have its own sets of drilling instructions. Read them carefully to know how deep the holes should be for other materials like concrete, wood, bricks, drywall, etc.

Now, drill the pilot holes. The drilling process should be done precisely on the marks you will make on the previously marked areas. Making two diagonal holes will make the brackets stand sturdily.

  1. Attach The Brackets

Things You Need: Screws, Screwdriver, Drilling machine

After making the holes, you can now mount the bracket and fit the screws in them. The entire setup would be set in place if you drilled in two holes or more. And you will get the best coverage for your window.

  1. Install The Head Rail And Its Valance

The valance clips will securely cover the headrail with the valance. But before that, install the headrail on the attached brackets. As you do that, you can now cover the headrail with the valance using the provided valance clips. If you have a mini blind wand, you can attach it too.


The installation process of mini blinds is relatively more accessible than any other window treatment option. On top of that, these blinds are not heavy in their weight. And that adds up to the convenience of using them for your windows.

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