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Home security is something we all consider in our daily life. No one likes the idea that someone could break into your home and just take or vandalise what is yours. It’s essential that you consider your home security and adjust it as and when it’s needed. conducted a survey of what puts burglars off. The results are below:

  • 71% (were put off by) a working burglar system
  • 71% have a dog in the home
  • 52% of people in the property
  • 46% a visible CCTV system
  • 21% outdoor lights or sensors

Some people may purchase all their home security solutions and then fall a bit lax with the upkeep and maintenance of them. This blog is designed to give you a few tips to maximise and stay on top of your home security.

Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is a great addition to any home, garage, or property. Burglar alarms will not stop an attack, but they will release a huge shriek to alert you and any neighbors, as well as hopefully deter the criminal from trying to complete the job. In a study, it was found that 60% of convicted burglars would not attempt to enter a home with a visible alarm system. Burglar alarm systems can last up to 20 years working perfectly; however, it is advised to check its battery every six months to make sure it is working correctly.

Home CCTV Systems

CCTV can be a great addition to your home security to make sure no one is snooping in those hard to see places. They’re great if you’re often away from your home and are valuable evidence if you do find yourself under threat. CCTV systems can be good for any property, no matter the size. If you’re worried about the security of your home, CCTV is a valuable investment. Home CCTV systems have a very long life and are fairly easy to keep track of. CCTV systems usually connect to your phone and can be checked via your mobile to make sure they’re working correctly. CCTV installation can be a pain, but it can be performed by anyone. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, contact your provider for security camera installation.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are often overlooked in properties. Fire alarms give alerts to threats before they have happened, which gives you valuable time to evacuate the premises and call authorities before the fire can begin. Fire alarms should only be kept for around ten years. You can purchase 10-year batteries, or alternatively, check your batteries in the fire alarm every six months.

Access Control System

An access control system is any combination of devices that work together to secure a home. The access control system regulates who or what can view or use resources. Access control systems can join smart products together and have them controlled remotely by your smartphone.

Other tips to secure your home:

  • Secure your doors and windows when leaving the house or sleeping. Leaving a door or window open is like an invitation to thieves to come straight in. Don’t make it so easy for them.
  • Use lights. Having bright, working lights are a great deterrent. Especially when paired with a working alarm system and home CCTV.
  • Secure your garage. Some people may forget to seal extensions or garages as they don’t feel high risk. Make sure all entry points into your home are secure, even the little rooms like the old run-down garage.
  • Have good internet security. Having an open Wi-Fi network can be a breach of security you weren’t expecting. Open or weak Wi-Fi can be an open door to your personal and financial information and should not be overlooked.
  • Get a safe. If you do have valuables that you would be lost without, invest in a safe or another safe space that a thief will not be able to locate or break into.
  • Smart products are on the rise for home protection. Smart products can often be used alongside each other and connected to a smartphone or similar device for a fully integrated home security system.
  • A dog can have a massive impact on who is willing to try to get into your home. They’re a great deterrent and can be a scare factor for a would-be thief.
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