How To Keep A Track Of Your Home When You Are Away


How to keep track of your home away On vacation, it is important to relax and gain strength and not worry about the abandoned apartment. To not worry and see what is happening at home, it is worth installing a video surveillance system. This is no longer a technically sophisticated luxury but an easy installation.

Why Do I Need A Camera

CCTV Camera Surveillance Zone

CCTV cameras will help protect the house from breaking, fires, and other problems. You can connect to it in real-time, even from 2 oceans from an apartment or house. All you need is a phone or laptop with the Internet to see what happens at home.

In order not to monitor the cameras around the clock, you can configure notifications. With their help, you will be notified if an event occurs that deserves your attention. Notifications come by email or SMS, so you can always be aware of everything that happens in the room or on the site.

Which Camera To Choose

Nikon DSLR Camera

Before you decide which camera to purchase, do some research on different security cameras. For video surveillance, you can buy a network camera. It is not very expensive; it connects to the Internet. Some models can work in complete darkness. They can zoom in and rotate remotely, on a schedule, or behind moving objects.

A Better Picture Is With An IP Camera

Home Security Camera

For example, a high-quality camera costs less than $300, while specialized tracking cameras cost $500, and a video surveillance program for one camera costs $10.

You can also use any camera or even a built-in laptop, smartphone, or tablet. They will need to be connected to a computer or mobile device that can convert the signal and send it over the network. They must continuously work so that the house owner at any time can remotely connect to the cameras.

To connect them you need only a mains power supply and cable. The camera connects to the router via Wi-Fi. No need to pull the cable far. The camera looks more harmonious in the interior.

As a rule, a lot of cameras can connect power and the Internet via one wire.

Where To Install?

Olympus Digital Camera

A mandatory minimum for a private home is a camera opposite the front door.

Mount the camera on the wall or put it on a shelf, cabinet, or chest of drawers about the level of an adult’s face or slightly lower so that the house’s entrance is in the surveillance zone. Try to place the camera unnoticed.

Near the house, cameras should be placed around the yard’s perimeter, fixing them on the fence. If the yard is small, cameras can be placed directly on the walls of the house. On average, about four cameras are required to cover the entire yard.

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