How To Keep Outdoor Cushions And Pillows Fresh All Season


Outdoor Cushions And Pillows

Outdoor cushions, pads, and throw pillows can provide more comfortable seating or add a splash of color to the surrounding decor. While quality pillows can often be quite durable, a little extra effort may be needed to ensure cushions and pillows stay fresh and clean throughout the season.

Invest In Durable Cushions

Poor craftsmanship can be a serious liability, one that no amount of cleaning or seasonal storage may be able to make up for. Even the most stylish pillows and comfortable cushions can be of little real worth if they cannot withstand the daily wear and tear of outdoor use. Suppliers like Pier 1 offer a range of durable, luxurious, and stylish outdoor cushions that are easy to clean and maintain, as well as being tough enough to survive the elements.

Shelter Furnished Areas From The Elements

Just because an outdoor pillow is strong enough to stand up to the wind, rain, and other elements do not mean it should be neglected or forgotten about. Sheltering dining areas and patio seating with an umbrella or setting furnished areas beneath an awning or covered deck would be a wise decision. While areas that offer shade and shelter can prolong the lifespan of outdoor furniture, there is such a thing as going too far. Occasional rain can help to wash off debris, and direct exposure to sunlight can kill any unsightly mold or mildew.

Storage Options And Solutions

Stripping the cushions, pillows, and pads from outdoor furniture and moving them to a safe storage location when not in use can also be well worth the effort. While quality cushions can be easily cleaned and require little by way of maintenance or upkeep, storing pillows during the off-season, ahead of a storm, or during any period where they may go unused for any length of time can still make a difference. Even the most durable outdoor cushions can still fade from prolonged sunlight exposure or wear out prematurely due to rain and moisture.

Routine Cleaning

Cleaning patio furniture regularly can help to ensure that it continues to look its best. For cushions, seat pads, and outdoor pillows, a quick wipe down with a cloth or a spray from the garden hose may be all that is required. Pillows that have been neglected and cushions that have gone too long between cleanings may benefit from a little extra effort. Many household cleaning agents may be suitable for use on outdoor pillows, but owners would still do well to check the cleaning and care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Certain cleaning products may be harmful to the materials, especially when used too frequently or in a concentrated form.

A few simple tips are all it takes to ensure that outdoor pillows and cushions can remain clean and fresh all season long. From investing in higher quality pillows to setting up outdoor furniture in areas that will provide superior cover or shelter, there are plenty of ways to ensure outdoor furnishings continue to look great.

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