How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your House – Keeping Your Home Safe


Scorpion Nesting Habits

Although not all types of scorpions are poisonous, it’s always best to treat all as if they were poisonous. Rather than waiting for scorpions to get into your property, plan and prepare yourself to keep them out in the first place. Here are a few tips on how to keep scorpions out of your house so that you keep you and your family safe from these pests.

Keeping Scorpions Out of Your House

Keep the Area Around Your House Clean and Free from Debris

Clean any area near your house that can provide a perfect spot for scorpions to hide. Eliminate any loose lumber, piles of rocks and any trash that’s within the vicinity of your house. Make sure branches don’t hang over the house and keep your lawn neat.

Fill Any Holes in Your Foundation

It helps to bear in mind that scorpions and other crawly critters can squeeze themselves through tiny holes and cracks. Inspect your home for cracks in the foundation and walls that may provide scorpions with a way to enter your home. Purchase some sealant such as caulking and seal all potential points of entry from air vents and door sills to small cracks in the wall. Getting in this way will have scorpions possibly getting into your bed or other places you may be vulnerable.

Destroy Scorpions’ Source of Food

Get rid of any food, rotten materials, and pests that make a scorpion’s staple diet. With no available source of food, scorpions will begin to look elsewhere so they can survive. Work toward keeping insects and flies to a minimum inside and around your house. Don’t leave food exposed, exercise proper trash disposal, make sure your home is clean and take steps to eliminate insects with insecticides.

Get Rid of Leakage

You want to make your home as unattractive to scorpions as possible. And that involves keeping moisture levels to an absolute minimum, both inside and outside your house. All kinds of pests and scorpions love moisture and standing water, especially in dry areas. As such, make sure your home’s plumbing works and pipes aren’t getting too much moisture build-up or leaking.

Use Scorpion Insecticides

A straightforward solution to keeping scorpions out of your house is by purchasing insecticides and pesticides. These will kill any stray scorpions as well as other insects and pests that might be around your homestead. There are plenty of different brands with varying poisons and potencies so do your due diligence and choose an option that safe for home use. Moreover, the most effective solution will depend on whether the problem is internal or external and the severity of your problem.

Use Scorpion Repellent Scents

Scorpions have poor vision and primarily use vibrations and scent to go about their daily lives. This makes them vulnerable, and you can use this to your advantage. For instance, scorpions dislike the scent of lavender oils or plants and will do almost anything to avoid them. Similarly, they have an adverse reaction to cedarwood oils and citric.

In Conclusion

Scorpions belong outside. By putting a little bit of effort into keeping your house clean and taking a few proactive measures, you can know how to keep scorpions out of your house permanently. Keep taking preventative measures, and you will enjoy a scorpion-free homestead.

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