How To Keep Shower Doors Clean?


How To Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

Glass shower doors transform a bathroom to look more modernized, classy, and clean. Maintaining the shower doors to remain in pristine condition can be done through regular cleaning. Many cleaning solutions can be bought over the counter while others can be homemade to remove any dirt from them. Depending on one’s know-how on maintaining glass shower doors, many approaches can be used. Dirty glass surfaces may look old and unattractive; thus, the need to clean them using unique techniques. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular methods of maintaining glass shower doors clean and attractive.

How To Keep Glass Shower Doors Long Lasting

Using An Ammonia Solution To Remove Hard Stains

Hard stains are typically formed on glass surfaces due to the reaction between the glass and mineral elements dissolved in water. Hard water contains numerous dissolved minerals that may be reactive when in contact with the glass. The removal of hard stains using ammonia is an effective way to keep glass surfaces clean within a home office or commercial spaces. Ammonia reacts with the elements in the hard stain to form a colorless compound which is then easily cleaned off from the glass. When using ammonia to remove stains, the solution should be diluted to standard concentration. Also, protective clothing should be applied.

Utilizing The Sodium Hydroxide Solution To Remove Grease From Glass

Sodium hydroxide is a compound that is used in making detergents which are active cleaning agents. They react with the grease on surfaces to break the bonds between the grease molecules. The oil then becomes easy to wipe from any surface that it is attached. Cleaning grease from glass surfaces using sodium hydroxide has been a common practice for many years, making it more accessible for many property owners and glass cleaning experts.

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors After Using The Bathroom

When using the bathroom, it is common for the foam to remain on the glass surfaces. When the foam is not wiped off, it may result in streaks of dirt forming on it. Therefore, it is recommended that the glass doors should be cleaned immediately after the shower enclosure has been used. This way, it is possible to maintain a clean and shiny glass shower door without worrying about the aesthetics of the bathroom in the long run.

Using A Squeegee To Remove Dirt Streaks From Shower Doors

When cleaning glass shower doors, most people use paper tissues to wipe off the water from the surface. However, this leaves behind a tiny particle of the paper tissues, which makes the glass look dirty than clean. After leaning a glass surface, there is a need to ensure that all streaks of dirt are rinsed off and the surface wiped with a squeegee. The rubber on the squeegee makes it easy to remove the water on the surface, leaving it sparkling clean.

Removing Grease And Stains Using A Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a standard household product that is mostly used for seasoning. However, it can be an active cleaning agent when used in the right proportions. Mixing vinegar and lime can make it an effective stain remover for glass shower doors. If you have been finding it challenging to get the proper remedy to remove soft stains from your shower doors, you may consider using the readily available kitchen product for cleaning of glass surfaces besides shower doors.

Maintaining clean glass shower doors is essential for modern homes if they have to remain presentable. These techniques that have been discussed in this article can be the best solutions that you might consider trying in 2019. You will love the outcome, eventually.

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