How To Keep Your Decorative Floor Looking New?


Decorative Floor

The durability and low maintenance requirements of concrete have long been the trademarks of its appeal. Nowadays, the market for decorative floorings is exploding with customers due to their eye-catching designs. However, many people fall for the pristine look of concrete without knowing how to maintain its magnificence.

While concrete maintenance is minimal, it still requires timely cleaning and resealing to extend its life for the years to come. And to get the most out of your ‘concrete investment,’ here’s how you can keep your decorative concrete looking lustrous and polished:

  1. Make Cleaning The Foundation Of Your Maintenance

Thorough cleaning is the cornerstone of any maintenance project. Since concrete is porous and more like a sponge, a sound pressure washing is good enough. This will help remove any debris stuck in the porous concrete.

The only downside of pressure washing is that there’s water everywhere, and drying may take longer. A month, at least once, hose down your decorative floor and do some good pressure washing at least once or twice a year.

You can book a cleaning session for interior floors and inform the cleaners to clean it with a bucket of soap and water, then top it with polish or wax. Ensure that the floor scrubbing equipment they would be using has long soft bristles that won’t scratch the concrete and the sealer.

  1. Protect Your Investment With A Good Sealer

After the surface of your decorative floor, it is clean and dry; you should protect it from various elements and wear and tear with a high-quality sealer. A top-quality sealer will make it easier for cleanup, improve your floors’ look, and preserve the concrete.

You should pick a vinyl tile sealer that limits UV damage, repels water, and resists abrasion. Doing so will help it withstand harsh conditions, including:

  • Rain and wind – Wind can carry dirt while rain breaks it down into small particles, which will seep into the surface of your concrete and stain it. A strong wind can sandblast concrete in desert areas, while acid rain in polluted areas can erode it.
  • Snow and ice – In northern climes, salt and chemicals used to melt the ice will allow moisture to soak into the concrete’s surface. Once the temperature drops, the water will freeze and expand, which can then cause the concrete to crack.
  • Sun – The UV rays from the sun can degrade sealers. Moreover, it can bake stains into concrete and fade integral colors.

Depending on wear and tear and environmental conditions, sealing is recommended at least every two years for residential use. Thorough cleaning coupled with resealing can make your decorative floor looking new again. Keep in mind that it’s still essential that you maintain the surface properly from the start.

  1. Apply Wax On Top Of The Sealer

For further protection against abrasion, dirt, and stains, applying high-quality floor wax suitable for concrete floors is effective. The wax serves as another layer preserving the sealer by directly taking the impact of daily wear and tear. Compared to the sealer, the wax is also much easier to re-apply and buffs out minor scratches and wear patterns.

Wax with a higher-grade finish like one with a commercial-grade, so it lasts longer. To protect your decorative concrete floor, you will need six to 10 coats of floor finish in high-traffic areas. As much as possible, don’t allow your finish to wear down to the sealer as the sealer isn’t as easy to buff out or re-apply.

  1. Schedule Repairs The Moment They Show

Minor flaws like gouges or cracks can be repaired using the right patching material. However, if the break is more severe, your floor may need resurfacing with an overlay. For difficult repairs, a concrete floor contractor may accent on existing floor cracks to make them part of the design through saw cutting, staining, and other techniques.

Ensure timely repairs because once a crack sets in, your concrete will have a plane of weakness. The concrete floor worker will determine why the break needs to be repaired since this will establish what materials need to be used and how it will look like.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Now that you know the significance of regular maintenance, you can lengthen the life of your beautiful floor more easily. You need to take maintenance seriously, as this is the best way to protect your investment.

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