How to Keep Your Garage Cool in Summer


As summer gets ever so closer and the mercury begins to climb, you are probably concentrating on five-star hotels and beach resorts rather than your garage. However, keeping your garage cool over the summer period can be of great benefit. We’ll get to those benefits just now and follow them up with some of the best ways to keep your garage cool.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Garage Cool

A cool garage makes for a happy home. The most obvious benefit of a cool garage is that it keeps your vehicle cool as well. Jumping into a hot and humid car is the last thing you want before a long drive or before you head to a crucial business meeting. This is not all. There are many other benefits to keeping your garage cool, including:

  • Some garages double as office spaces or home gyms. Working or working up a sweat in these spaces is much more comfortable when the garage is at an optimum temperature.
  • Other garages may be home to a second fridge or freezer. Make these appliances work less in the summer to save energy and on household bills
  • Many of the best ways to keep your garage cool can also be seen as an investment and add value to your property.
  1. Fix Your Garage Doors

Fix Your Garage Doors

If your garage door needs repairs, then carrying them out will not only make your garage more secure and safeguard against break-ins. It will also help to moderate the temperature of your garage. For garages that are attached to a home, this also means reducing the temperature of your property and could save on energy bills throughout the year.

  1. Parking Tactics

Parking Tactics

After driving in the summer, it is normal for your vehicle’s engine to be hotter than usual. We get that you may be eager to grab a cold drink once arriving home and park straight in the garage, but it could be more beneficial to park on the driveway. Parking outside to give your engine time to cool down before locking it away in the garage will help keep your garage cooler.

  1. Insulation

Surprising to some, insulation is not just about keeping the heat in during winter. It also acts as a barrier to prevent too much heat from entering the property. This is why glass makes rooms warmer than when the sun shines on bricks and mortar.

There are different types of insulation now on the market to choose from. Foam insulation, spray insulation and the other popular choices will all help you regulate your garage temperature. Similar to fixing your garage doors, this could have a positive impact on household bills.

Try one of these three excellent tips or a combination of them to keep your garage secure and cool this summer!

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