How To Keep Your Glass Windows And Doors Secure From Intruders


They might be beautiful to look at, but if not well secured, glass doors or windows provide easy access to burglars and other evil-minded people. Intruders and thieves will always come in either through the door or windows, and it is, therefore, important to keep them secure. At the same time, Very few people want to compromise on the beauty of their homes in the name of security. So how can one strike a balance between maintaining the beauty of their windows and doors while securing them against intruders at the same time? There are many choices either to reinforce or to act as alternatives to the traditional glass material for doors and windows as shown below:

  1. Reinforced Glass

Reinforced Glass

Glass doors and windows can be reinforced to make them more secure, through tempering or laminating. Tempered glass is the affordable option, and is harder to break than ordinary glass. Laminated glass, which is usually made of vinyl sandwiched between two glass sheets, is stronger and more reliable.

Some people consider wire mesh or bullet-proof glass as security options but apart from the heavy price, these two do not provide much more security against intruders.

  1. Security Films

Security Films

These are clear and mostly invisible security options for your glass windows and doors. They are attached to the glass doors or windows, providing the much needed invisible protection for your home. Even patio and sliding doors can have films customized to fit their narrow frames.

A security film works much better on annealed glass than tempered glass and is often used in combination with security glass since they are both transparent for a stronger window or door.

  1. Window And Door Alarms

Window And Door Alarms

The market is flooded with different types of window and door alarms. These work in two ways; some have a sensor that sends an alarm when a door or window is being opened, while others have infrared motion detectors that are activated when a person moves within the activated field. Alarms are security devices that are effective without altering the beauty of the home.

  1. Locks

Home Security Locks

A good lock will work to secure a house by denying access to any intruder, whether he or she has a wrong key or tries to pull, drill or break the lock. The best locks for windows in Edmonton are deadbolt locks. Different locks like the cross bolt locks also make it hard to break or pry open the door or window. Doors can be fortified with door jamb and hinge reinforcement kits that will prevent any intruder from easily kicking in the door.

  1. Security Screens

Security Screens

These work and look like the regular window or door screens, but are made of a secure stainless steel mesh. They can be customized for any size of window or door and are lockable.

  1. Polycarbonate & Plexiglas Windows

Polycarbonate Window

Plexiglas (acrylic plastic) and polycarbonate are alternatives to ordinary glass and while they are as thick as glass, they are much stronger and much more secure. These materials are also more impact resistant than safety glass.

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