How To Keep Your Home Rodent-Free While Remodelling



Home renovation brings more aesthetics to that home’s residents. People invest thousands of dollars in the best-furbished design. However, all your efforts and money can go in vain if you cannot contain the rodents while remodeling.

Rodents such as hamsters, rats, or mice can invade your renovation space, and you may have to rebuild it once again. Make sure you do not leave any tiny holes for rodents to squeeze through. Even a coin size hole is good enough for rodent invasion.

Know the Routes of Rodent Invasion

You may have invested your money, time, and energy on home renovation, but are still struggling with a rodent invasion. The biggest mystery is how rodents are picking my home. To contain rodents in the most efficient way, you must know the routes that rodents pick to try and your home.

  1. Mice can climb on any rough surface. They can even use rooftop air ducts to enter your home.
  2. Rodents can reach the furnace or living room through chimney holes.
  3. Leftover old pipes can always tempt rodents as new habitats.
  4. Loose window panes can also help rodents to get into your house.
  5. Mice often use passive vents as their favorite routes of invasion.

To win this man vs. rodent battle, seal every hole wherever possible. Other than that, you can use a small iron mesh in some holes for ventilation purposes. Make sure you seal the mesh tightly as a loose opening can help rodents sneak into your home.

How Do You Know You’re Safe From Rodent Invasion?

After sealing every route of rodent invasion that you can, now it is important to know whether you are safe or not. How to tell if mice are gone, and you are successful in keeping rodents out of your home renovation area? Some of the most common signs can help you to find the answer.

  1. A rodent invasion will produce a smell distinctive to the smell of urine. If there is no smell or if the smell fades away, that is a clear sign that mice left your home.
  1. Look for gnawed items. This is a common sign of mice infestation in your territory. If you are successful in containing the rodents, there would be no more gnawed items in your residence.
  1. Look for mouse nests and droppings. In most cases, the attic, kitchen, and garage are vulnerable places for this. If you find that things have stayed clean, then you have won the battle against rodents.
  1. The best sign to understand mice’s presence is midnight creepy sounds. The absence of squeaks for at least two weeks shows the complete absence of mice in your territory.
  1. You can spread flour or talc in common areas of mice activity. Sprinkle either of the above substances in the garage, kitchen, or your attic and look for any rodent footprints. No footprints mean no rodent invasion.

Try New Technology

After all the hard work and investigation, if you continue to find rodents, then you may surely feel frustrated. Try the new technology of Victor Ultra PestChaser to get rid of rodents. This machine emits a high-frequency ultrasonic sound that is only audible to rodents. Because of its ultrasonic sound, humans cannot hear it, but it is unbearable for any rodent.

This machine broadcasts a volume closer to 100 decibels with 80 oscillations per second. Also, it requires 110-volt power for smooth operation. You will receive a six-foot-long cord for its easy placement wherever you want. It would be best if you placed one machine in the attic and the other one in your basement, so a large number of entryways are covered. Also, this gadget is affordable and falls typically below 150 dollars.

Other Steps to Prevent Rodent Invasion

Not all of us are ready to use the new technology. What else can you do other than sealing the holes and wrap them with iron mesh? Let’s find some manual preventive measures for rodent invasions.

  1. Cut the branches of any trees that run near the window. Mice are excellent climbers, and tree branches can help rodents get in your house.
  1. Trash cans with raw garbage are great attractions for rodents. Make sure you put the garbage in trash bags and seal them tightly before you throw them away as rodents can thrive in trash cans.
  1. Fallen leaves are the perfect shelter for rodents in different weather conditions. Also, they can camouflage the mice so they can hide from predators. Do not accumulate leaves in one area; rake fallen leaves in several piles on your lawns and territory.
  1. Some people pile wood sticks for firewood near their residence. This dark and moist condition is an excellent habitat for rodents. Experts believe that piling wood sticks at least three feet above the ground and twelve feet away from your home can help prevent rodent invasion.

Tips to Catch Rodents During Home Renovation

Even if you tried every route to prevent rodent invasion, you might still find tiny footprints during a home renovation. For that, you can try a few simple tips to catch rodents during the renovation.

  1. The first and foremost action you can take is killing them wherever you find them without showing mercy.
  2. Place mouse traps in front of every possible hole.
  3. You can place bottles of ammonia in all corners of your house. The smell of ammonia gathers rodents in that area. This is a chance to trap mice.
  4. A more natural way to repel rodents is spreading peppermint oil or soaking peppermint oil in cottonwood and leaving them in the opening of every hole.
  5. Another easy and simple tip is filling a cheesecloth with cloves and mint, then leaving it in corners or areas of rodent invasion.
  6. You can use rubber trims under doors and windows to seal potential entry points of bugs and rodents to your house. These exterior door sweeps are durable and provide enough prevention, with only spending 10 dollars.

Try A Cat

This is the most ancient yet effective option to contain rodents for centuries long. Mice hunting is cats’ most favorite game. Every time your cat catches a rodent, reward him with fish, milk, or his favorite cat food. Adore your pet and make him realize that his master is happy for them catching the rodents.

Other than that, cat litter also prevents rodents from invading your house. In most cases, rodents leave the place when they smell the cat’s urine in your residence.

Final Verdict

The tiny little creatures are undoubtedly a great disturbance to the residence. When it comes to renovation, you want everything to fall perfectly. Rodents not only ruin your decoration but can also be the cause of food poisoning and other diseases. Follow the above-listed tips and stay safe from rodents.

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