How To Keep Your Outside Glass Clean?


Outside Glass Cleaning

Even for many house cleaners, windows are the bane of their existence. Many will clean just about everything but announce that they won’t clean windows. Cleaning glass can be tricky, even on the inside of your home. Often, mirrors or windows that you think you have cleaned well reveal that they are streaked once they are dried a bit better. When the sun shines in the window, it isn’t long before dust and dirt collect and impede your view of the world.

When it comes to cleaning outside windows, the challenge is even more prominent. If you notice streaks, dirt, or dusty spots, it is much harder to grab your glass cleaner and fix the problem. Cleaning outside windows doesn’t just involve grabbing a roll of paper towels and your favourite glass cleaner. It often means taking out ladders, investing in squeegees, and reaching spots that can give you a real workout. Finding out that you’ve missed a spot, after all, can be disheartening and a bit exhausting.

Finding The Tools And Strategies To Clean Windows

In order to get windows clean and streak-free, it is essential to have a strategy and the right tools and cleaners that will give you the best possible results. Here are some things to remember before you undertake your next glass cleaning.

Work From The Top To The Bottom

One of the main reasons why streaks happen is because of gravity. When you clean from top to bottom, any dripping that happens works for you rather than against you. While a squeegee will get most of your window cleaner, it is a good idea to follow up with a lint-free cloth that will reinforce your cleaning. Clean, quality paper towels work for many, and some use other disposable materials like newspaper or coffee filters. Microfiber cloth is also a popular choice since it does retain a lot of dirt and dust.

Use A Squeegee

Regular towels or paper towels aren’t always sufficient when it comes to getting all the cleaner off your windows. It’s also possible that those towels can leave dusty residue behind. A squeegee doesn’t carry the debris with it that even clean towels can sometimes have. It pushes the debris away and does not create a new mess in its path. The larger your window, the longer the handle of your squeegee needs to be. Having a long enough handle also means less climbing and a safer cleaning experience. It’s essential to be methodical about your process in order to reach all areas of your windows. When you use towels, choose paper towels that aren’t prone to carrying lint or clean microfiber towels.

Protect Your Woodwork

Glass cleaning can be a messy job, and while it’s good for the glass, it isn’t the best for the wood around it. Covering the wood with towels or something else absorbent can help make the areas around your windows look as good as the glass.

Clean Outside Windows On Cloudy Days

Even if you love a sunny day, it isn’t the most flattering for your windows. There’s nothing like a big bolt of sunshine to assure that your window will show every streak and dust speck. While that may suggest that sunny days are perfect for cleaning outside windows, the opposite is true. The sun can make your washing solution dry too fast and lead to streaks — even when you are using your best squeegee.

Stay Safe

When cleaning outside windows, you may be reaching areas you don’t reach very often. Make sure you have others around to spot you if you need to climb ladders or be on rooftops to clean skylights. Sometimes when it comes to cleaning outside windows, getting to the right spot safely is half the battle.

Ask For Help

If you don’t want to deal with washing your outside windows, there is certainly no shame in that. While regular house cleaners may sometimes refuse to clean windows, there are plenty of professional window cleaners that will. A quality professional cleaner will be properly insured, skilled, and be experienced in all safety protocols for a quality cleaning experience.

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