How To Keep Your Pool Cool During The Summer


How To Keep Your Pool Cool During The Summer

During the days of summer, there’s no better way to cool off than by jumping in the inviting swimming pool nestled in the middle of your backyard oasis. But how do you keep that water remaining crisp and cool all summer long?

It can be a challenge, for sure, and the key is to take a proactive approach.

If you neglect the water in your swimming pool for too long, it becomes unpleasant to the eye and nose. Also, it will start getting too warm.

But there are several ways to keep your swimming pool water remaining nice and cool all summer long. Here are four the most popular and useful tips from a pool builder out of San Antonio – Sanchez Pools

Keep The Water Moving

For something both functional and appealing to the eye, consider adding a water element to your backyard swimming pool, something like a decorative fountain or a waterfall.

Many options make you happy and will help you to keep water cool and refreshing all summer long.

You’ll probably want to keep it turned off during the day, however, and just run it in the evening hours to best circulate the fresh air throughout the water.

If you run the water fountain too much when it’s hot outside, it could end up having the opposite effect and make the water even warmer.

Use A Pool Mister

For an easy and efficient way to quickly lower the water temperature of your pool, while not breaking the bank, consider adding a pool mister to your backyard oasis.

The constant mist leads to quick evaporation, which also leads to the desired result of cooler water temperatures.

As a bonus, the kids will surely love running around in the spraying water all summer long.

You can also run the mister during the nighttime hours for even more significant cooling, especially during the times of the day when it’s hot outside.

Pool misters don’t require a separate source of water and produce an evaporative cooling curtain, allowing them to compensate for the evaporating water. 

Use An Aerator

A pool aerator is simply an attachment that screws onto the existing pool return line and sprays a water fountain into the pool via the pump. The water then cools down due to the oxygen from the droplets of water that’s being scattered through the air.

This generally has the effect of cooling the temperature of the pool by a few degrees, which can make a big difference during the warmest days of the summer.

Aerators usually work better in drier climates, but they will work well in humid clients as well.

As with most of the ideas we’ve been discussing, the aerator also works well when it’s turned on during the evening hours. 

Cover When Not Using

This one almost seems like it should fall under the category of “common sense,” but covering the pool when it’s not being used will prevent the water from getting too warm. On top of that, it is a good rule of thumb for safety; thousands of accidental drowning deaths occur in the U.S. per year.

If the water is at the temperature that you like, keep it that way by putting the cover on tightly, especially during the daytime.

Fitted covers aren’t costly, and they’ll keep the temperature of your pool exactly the way you like it.

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