How to Landscape Around Your HVAC Unit?


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Most homes have an HVAC unit outdoors, which is unavoidable but extremely functional as living without it would be much less pleasant during extreme weather conditions. We understand that it makes your outdoor look messy, but this appliance need not spoil your overall home’s look. With proper landscaping around this, the exterior of your home can look good, but again, you don’t want to damage your HVAC system because of the decor. When landscaping around the HVAC unit, make sure that airflow is not obstructed, the unit is protected from debris, and of course, the backyard looks good.

We have listed below efficient ways to make your HVAC system look invisible by landscaping around it;

  1. Leave Proper Clearance:

This is the most important step; hence we will talk about it first. You need to avoid unnecessary repairs of your HVAC system by placing trees and plants too close to it. It is crucial to leave adequate space around the HVAC system to avoid obstructions and for it to function properly. Keep a distance of 2-3 feet while placing plants or planting trees around it. If the tree is growing above the unit, trim it to keep it 5 feet apart from the system.

  1. Choose Right plants:

Try to place plants that do not lose leaves in colder months. This will reduce your work of sweeping the area. Also, the backyard will not look barren during winter, and the plants will block the cold air reaching the system directly. Also, during summer, the plants will create plenty of shade in the backyard helping the HVAC perform efficiently.

  1. Add Large Potted Plants:

If you want to surround the system with plants but less permanent, adding potted plants is a great idea. It will cover the system, make the backyard look beautiful, and the best part is that it can be moved during service and maintenance of the system.

  1. Screen or Fence the HVAC Unit:

A simple approach is to hide the HVAC system. You can use a screen or fence to cleverly hide the entire outdoor HVAC system. You will find many pre-made screens and fences available at locations such as Home Depot, Lowes or other hardware stores for it.

  1. Hire a Specialist:

Sometimes it is better to hire a specialist such as Anytime Heating and cooling Atlanta rather than fiddling around with the equipment because if you are unsure about what you are doing, you may mess up the HVAC equipment, which may be expensive to repair. Before you start landscaping, it is a good idea to get a maintenance and system inspection performed as later after you are done with landscaping, any service may spoil or damage your landscape around the unit. Hiring an expert who is good with HVAC installations and services can give you great consultation and pro tips as well for landscaping around the unit.

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A beautiful home means that no part of the house should be left unattended or messy, even if it is on the outside. We hope that the above-listed tips will help you to beautify your home exteriors.

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