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You have probably spent a lot of time at home over the past year due to lockdown after lockdown keeping you from going out and about. And you are probably sick of the sight of those four walls. Now is the perfect time to mix things up a bit and breathe some life back into your home. Maybe your work from home office space is looking more depressing by the day, or your living is feeling a little bland after all the time you have spent sitting in it. Here are some tips on how to bring some joy into your home again.


Never underestimate the power of lighting. A new lamp can create a whole new atmosphere and set the mood for any occasion. Some rooms may be a little restricted in terms of natural light, so it is imperative that you make up for it and brighten up the room with enough lighting and perhaps some strategically placed mirrors. Using LED furniture lights, you can enhance a space, and they give you the freedom to add lighting anywhere in the room. A great way to change things is to swap out your old lamp shades for new ones and mix up the colours and patterns to create a lively atmosphere. Dimmer switches or smart bulbs are also perfect for revamping a room on a budget – pick from a variety of colours and light intensities to cater to however you are feeling that day.


Your living room should be cosy and comfortable, somewhere you are happy to relax and leave the outside world behind you. However, your study space should be comfortable without being too relaxing. Think about the purpose of the space and update any old and battered pieces of furniture to create the optimum environment. It could be just a matter of reupholstering your dining chairs with some bright fabric or upgrading your desk and chair to something with more support. Alternatively, you can go out and buy some new accessories such as cushions and blankets to revitalise the space completely. A rug or rugs are great if you want a new carpet but do not what the expense or the hassle of completely refitting a new floor.


If your home feels a little bland, it is probably because it lacks that personal touch. Decorate your house in a way that makes you happy and makes sure that when people walk in, they know that this is your place! If you want to get crazy and mix colours and patterns, then do it. If you are a big movie buff, then get some prints of your favourite film posters. Decorate with old records or trinkets from your world travelling days. Create a photo wall of all your favourite memories with all your favourite people. Turn your house into an indoor garden and go all out with the potted plants. Put up shelves or bookcases and fill them with books. Proudly display things that bring you joy, and do not worry about fitting in with today’s trends.

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