How To Maintain The Trees In Your Garden – Top Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy


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We all love trees, there’s something statuesque and beautiful about them, and many people find being amongst trees very calming.

So, naturally, many of us have trees in our gardens. Not only are they incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but they are good for the environment. Trees provide us with much-needed oxygen, and they also provide a habitat for endless amounts of wildlife and other plant life.

However, taking care of trees can seem a bit daunting; let’s have a look at some ways you can help to look after trees in your garden.

What Do Trees Need?

This sounds quite simple on the surface; of course, any plant needs water and sun, right? Well, yes, but it is also a little more complex than this.

Whether you have established trees in your garden or plan to plant some new trees, it is essential to know the types of trees’ needs, as different varieties will have different needs.

You’ll need to know things such as what type of soil the tree needs, how much water they need, and whether they are susceptible to overwatering or particularly sensitive to dry soil. Some trees prefer shaded areas, while others prefer more sunshine.

How Do You Prune A Tree?

Pruning can seem quite simple, but it’s not as easy as just cutting parts of the tree away. Pruning has to be done in a particular way to maintain your tree’s health and at the right time of year.

Pruning should involve not making the tree too top-heavy, but equally, you don’t want it to be too bottom-heavy either, and it should be pruned smoothly and look symmetrical.

It’s also essential to ensure that the pruning doesn’t lead to the tree over leaning to one side or another and that the sunlight is being blocked from getting to another tree.

Most trees are best pruned in the winter months, as the growth is dormant, but some trees are much better pruned within the summer months.

So, before you start pruning your tree, ensure you know what you are doing, or you could consider asking or employing an expert, such as tree services Dallas, to make sure the job is correctly carried out.

Do Trees Need Watering?

The answer to this question depends on a few things – how old the tree is and the type of tree.

Trees are incredibly adaptive and have a deep and complex root system, so watering is not generally needed.

If a young tree is overwatered, it can encourage the roots to come up to the surface level rather than burrow deep within the earth, and then the roots will be susceptible to much more damage.

However, if there is a long dry spell, then you may need to water your tree, in this case, a water well, so that the water soaks down to the root level.

Do Trees Need Mulch?

Mulch can help trees, especially young trees. Mulching around a tree will help protect the roots; it keeps the root system’s temperature more consistent and protects them from drying out.

Again, mulching trees must be done properly, or it can do damage instead of protecting them, so consulting an expert would be wise.

You will want to start the mulch slightly further away from the base and finish it at the end of the tree canopy for grown trees.

Mulch also shows you where it would be dangerous for you to mow the lawn if you damage the roots.

Does Talking To Trees Really Help Them Grow?

There have been many studies on whether talking to plants and trees helps them grow, and as crazy as it seems, the answer is actually yes.

Several studies have shown that reading to plants and trees encourages growth, and it seems to be that female voices are the most beneficial.

It seems that the vibrations from voices help with the growth, although it’s not known exactly why.

Talking to a tree could also benefit you because many people find it therapeutic to talk to a pet. As they can’t answer back, it helps to get things off your chest and help with your mental health.

Why Are Trees Important?

Trees are aesthetically pleasing, and it has been shown time and time again that spending time in nature is extremely beneficial to our mental and physical health, but what other benefits do trees have?

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and push out oxygen through photosynthesis, and of course, oxygen is vital for us to keep living.

There are increasing carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere, which is heavily linked to global warming, and trees help remove that carbon dioxide.

As well as producing oxygen, trees also help to filter the air. Some trees are more effective than others, but all trees collect air pollutants on their leaves and bark to some level, making the air quality much better.

Trees also provide a unique habitat for many forms of wildlife. Birds and squirrels are the obvious ones, but many other wildlife forms, such as insects and bats, make trees their homes.

Trees also provide shade and cooler areas. This is very important for animals that might not have another shelter, and it is also thought that planting more trees could help reverse some global warming by keeping the planet’s surface much cooler.

It’s easy to see then that trees are incredibly important to our planet in many different ways, and therefore we need to take good care of the trees in our gardens and the wider area.

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