How To Maintain Your Barbecue


Barbecue Maintenance

Are you thinking of investing in a new barbecue but worried about spending all that money and having it break down or become damaged? Or perhaps you have just bought a barbecue and are now wondering how to get the most out of it for the longest time – this guide will cover how to keep your prized barbecue safe throughout any season.

  1. Weather, Shelter And Storage

Do you need to bring your barbecue in during winter or when it rains? Not necessarily. If it’s a big barbecue that costs you a few hundred, it will usually be very sturdy and resistant to weather damage, thanks to its stainless-steel body.

However, if you have a smaller barbecue that you can move, and you have the space for it to be stored either in your shed or garage, it might be best to do so. These will generally be cheaper and not as sturdy, possibly becoming prone to falling over and getting damaged in windy or stormy weather.

  1. Storing Fuel

If your barbecue is gas or hybrid, be aware of storing gas canisters properly. Keep them upright and do not put them indoors or store them in your garage or shed. Store the gas tanks outside (especially if it’s propane) on concrete, if possible, and away from building entry/exit points, as well as drains.

Avoid any places in direct sunlight, store away from any potential flame such as cigarettes and in a well-ventilated area. As well as flammable risks, you should also keep toxic or corrosive materials far away from the gas canisters too.

  1. Cover

If you don’t have the storage space for a smaller barbecue, or you’re still worried about your bigger machine, and you want to keep it in pristine condition, consider looking at bbq covers for it. Your chosen model may even have its own specific cover. A cover should cost around £30 to £60 but can cost more depending on the size of the machine.

A cover will give you extra protection against elements such as wind, rain and UV light, as well as damage from animals, such as scratches and bird poop.

If you are covering your barbecue, especially for a long period of time, make sure you clean it first.

  1. Cleaning

Understandably, you might not have cleaned your barbecue straight after the last time you used it. You might have been too busy socialising and entertaining guests. But if you’ve now opened the barbecue up in preparation for another gathering and are horrified by the build-up of grease and chargrilled leftovers, don’t worry – there are ways to clear it easily.

As explained above, you should also clean the barbecue before storing it away for a long time or putting a cover over it for winter. Although it might seem pointless, it’s best to do this as neglecting this task could risk bugs and rodents sniffing out scraps of leftover food. It could also mean opening up your barbecue next season to a dead mouse that got trapped inside, a sight that’s enough to put you off barbecuing for a while.

The best way to get started on deep cleaning your grill is to heat it up. The heat will dislodge the leftovers that have crusted over the grill, and then you can switch it off to cool down slightly. With the barbecue still warm but not hot enough to be any danger of burning you, you can then get to work wiping with a damp cloth.

Besides using a dedicated barbecue cleaning solution, there are a few home remedies you can try as an alternative, such as sprinkling baking soda over the grill, leaving for 10 minutes and going over it with a washing-up sponge and warm water. Then all you’ll need to do is rinse.

After cleaning, make sure to give time for the barbecue to air and dry before sealing it up in a cover. Failing to do so could cause the trapped moisture to lead to mould growth.

Barbecue Preserved

And now you know the basics of barbecue maintenance. Rest assured that by following these steps, your barbecue will be at its best for a long time.

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