How To Make A Basic Wooden Jewelry Box At Home


How To Make A Basic Wooden Jewelry Box At Home
It is always a thoughtful move to have a safe place where you can keep your jewelry. Some jewelry safes can cost a considerable fortune and if you don’t want to spend a lot on a jewelry safe, you can as well make a basic one on your own. A homemade wooden jewelry box won’t take a lot of wood material and the good aspect of it is that it doesn’t involve complex woodworking skills. Here are some of the simple tools you need to have when making a simple wooden jewelry box.

A wooden jewelry box needs to be built using high-quality and attractive wood material that can give the elegance associated with jewelry. Maple or walnut wood material can give an excellent job. Combining the two together can make your wooden jewelry box to appear simple but extraordinary. Here are the best wood materials that you can use for the job.

  • 3 x 3-1/2 x 3/8 maple wood
  • 20 x 4-1/2 x ¼ walnut
  • 28 x 2 x 3/16 walnut

The dimensions of the wood materials suggested here are given in inches and it is not necessary that you stick to just what we have mentioned. You can as well try other wood types which you feel can live up to your aesthetic and functionality considerations.

A jewelry box having 10” x 5” x 3” is fine since the 2:1 ratio looks big enough though not that small. The size can also fit many locations and the best part is that the suggested dimension hardly consume a lot of wood. Anyway, you can still pick a dimension that best appeal to you as long as getting the right wood won’t be a problem.

In this tutorial maple wood is picked to build the sides of the jewelry box and walnut to make the bottom, top and the lining so that an attractive contrast can be achieved in the box. Here is how you can proceed to make the box.

Make The Top And Bottom Wood Panels Of The Jewelry Box

Make The Top And Bottom Wood Panels Of The Jewelry Box
Cut the ¼ inch walnut wood into two equal pieces using a tablesaw and proceed to cut those halves into other equal halves so that in the end you end up with four walnut pieces. Use the drum sander to get the pieces to their final required ¼ inch dimension.

Make The Sides Of The Box

Jewelry Box Sides
For the jewelry box sides, you need to cut your wood pieces to 3-1/8 wide strips. For perfect outcome, you will to have two 10 inch piece and two 5 inch pieces. You can as well cut a 16 inch long wood into two equal halves. Resaw the wood pieces using a saw to have 2 pieces which are 16 inches long and under a inch. Use a drum sander and scale them down to 3//8 inch thickness.

Cutting The Grooves

Barnwood Jewelry Box
Make the right grooves in the sides of both the top and bottom panels. The grooves need to have a 1/4 inch wide and 3/16 inch deep. They should also be located somewhere 3/16 inch from both the top and the bottom. It is advised that you should have some thorough test cuts before proceeding to make the grooves just to be certain that the top and bottom panels fill fit firmly.

Making Miters

Traditional Jewelry Boxes
Reduce the sides to lengths of 5 and 10 inches and ensure that there are miters at each end. You can get a continuous grain flow by cutting the sides from the same wood piece.

Assembling The Box

Black Lacquer Standing Mirror Jewelry Box
You can assemble the sides by laying them end to end in an accurate straight line. For more stability, you can tape the side joints on the outside so that they don’t slide before appropriate joint is made. Put wood glue to the miters and then insert the top and bottom wood panels into the grooves made. Use a web clamp to clamp up the glue so that a strong joint can be obtained. Leave the box to dry so that the bond between its different joints can get stronger.


You can use a 220 sand grit to ensure that the sides of the jewelry box gets to have the desired level of smoothness which can also make it attractive. You can also fit a lining which can give the right decoration inside the jewelry box. You can paint the outer sections of the box with shellac paint so that you can some reasonable attractiveness.

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