How To Make A Pocket Paracord Dispenser At Home?


Pocket Paracord Dispenser

Nothing beats a good outdoor trip, especially after months of sitting inside our homes. Fresh air, spectacular natural landscape, and plenty of time to sit quietly and reflect — what’s not to love about being alone in nature’s lap? Furthermore, if you enjoy more strenuous outdoor activities, such as hiking or trekking, you will not have to go too far from the city to find an ideal spot. But what if you lost your way when hiking through the woods? What’s your survival plan? Does it include an American-made paracord from a supplier like Tough Grid?

A parachute cord could be one of the best tools to have on hand when you are stuck in that situation. More commonly known as paracord, a multi-purpose, lightweight cord wrapped in a flexible braided nylon sheath. A paracord is incredibly strong — in fact, the breaking strength of a 750 paracord is 750 pounds!

Paracord Is A Great Way To Keep Your Adventure Gear Secure

The versatility of paracord makes it ideal for use in survival or camping situations. For example, you can use this cord to set up, haul, and secure your valuable gear. This can be very useful for preventing loss or damage to your expensive gear when you are all by yourself.

You Can Use Paracord To Help You Find Food

Most survival situations do not last more than 24 hours, but what happens when you are trapped in a rough spot for an extended period? Finding a way to fill your belly is one of the most critical things you will have to do. Thankfully, if you are near a body of water, you can use your 750 paracord’s nylon sheath. However, if you are in a survival situation where this is not an option, you can use paracord to create simple traps — think, a snare — to catch a small game.

Other Survival Uses of Paracord

You can also use the versatile 750 paracords in the following ways:

  • As a tourniquet
  • As a splint for a broken arm or leg
  • To make sutures
  • To start a fire

Making Your DIY Pocket Paracord Dispenser

A smart survivalist usually has a paracord on hand, but carrying a lot is not always practical when a little one goes a long way. So, if you want a super-convenient way to have some paracord close at hand, here is how you can make your pocket paracord dispenser:

You will require the following items:

  • Empty tic tac container
  • Fasteners (nuts and bolts)
  • 750 Paracord
  • Duct tape
  • Power drill

Let’s Go Over The Steps:

  • Drill a hole in the center of the tic tac container, large enough to keep the bolt in place.
  • Push the bolt through the hole and tighten the nut onto it gently.
  • Attach the end of the paracord to the bolt with a little piece of duct tape.
  • Turn the nut and wind the paracord with a power drill.
  • Close the lid after inserting the end of the paracord through the hole in the tic tac container.

And there you have it: Your DIY pocket paracord dispenser is now complete!

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