How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger


A bedroom should be a cozy refuge. In some cases though, it can feel more like a cave. If a bedroom lacks the right color palette, smart storage, and natural light, it can feel cramped and uncomfortable.

So if your small bedroom is cramping your style, here are ten no-fail insider tricks from top designers, like T-Square Properties, to make it look bigger.

  1. Add Built-In Shelving

Built-In Shelving
Shallow built-in shelves can help you maintain floor space and gain storage. Preferably, stick to shelving that’s no more than 12 inches deep. This helps eliminate the need for more furniture, as the units here act as bedside tables.

Also, to make the ceiling look higher, try taking the built-in shelving all the way to the ceiling. You could also create layering and depth by painting the back wall with a contrasting color.

  1. Hang Mirrors

Hang Mirrors
Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to fool the eye into thinking a space is larger than it actually is. Here are some of the ways to work them into your bedroom:

  • Small, fancy-framed mirrors grouped on the wall
  • Starburst mirror over the bed
  • Ornate mirror over the dresser
  • Mirrored closet doors
  • Mirrored or chrome-finished lamps, furniture, and décor

You should however avoid having a mirror that reflects your bed.

  1. Let The Light In

Natural Light
Natural light will do wonders for your room and mood. Allowing sunlight will open up the interior and make it look bigger. You could also expand the area and reflect light by adding a wall-hanging or a floor-length mirror.

For the evening, illuminate the room by using wall-mounted lighting instead of table and floor lamps.

  1. Rein In Window Treatments

Go for sleek blinds, or even shutters instead of bulky curtains to save space. Your bedroom will also benefit from a fresh, clean look too. But if you prefer curtains, you can provide an uninterrupted finish by hanging them all the way from floor to ceiling.

You could also look for curtains that have a slight shimmer to them if you’re worried about your room being dark. This will also help bounce the available light around.

  1. Choose Colors Wisely

Mix And Match Colors
It’s been said that colors can affect a person’s mood and so the choice of color is very important. Painting the walls of your bedroom with the right color can transform it instantly. Light colored walls will open up the space; use off-whites, yellows, subtle greens, pale blues, beige or cream hues.

If you prefer dark shades, use them in accessories such as throws, rugs, and pillow covers.

  1. Have Space-Saving Storage Options

Have Space-Saving Storage Options
Use the space under your bed. Use baskets, flat packs or under-bed boxes to store things that you don’t currently use or wear often. Your bedroom will also benefit from pieces that serve double duty.

For instance, besides acting as a built-in storage option for books, magazines, linen and blankets, the ottoman can also serve as a footrest.

  1. Choose The Right Furniture

Right Furniture
Too much furniture can clutter your space. Stick to important pieces – two nightstands and your bed. To avoid adding tiny pieces around, make sure they are big and offer great usability.

For example, you could make the bed itself look like a statement piece by adding a large headboard.

  1. Toss The Extra Pillows

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger
Minimal bedding is key to maintaining the illusion of space. Reduce the number of pillows you have to only those that you actually sleep on. But how many pillows should you sleep with?

According to experts, you only need one pillow. In some cases, however, it’s worth sleeping with two pillows. If you need that accent pillow your grandmother embroidered, that’s fine. One is enough, though.

  1. Streamline Your Bedding

Streamline Your Bedding
Avoid layers of blankets and voluminous quilts. Simple bedding with breezy fabrics and clean lines will keep your bedroom feeling fresh and open. You can also try a camp blanket or vintage wool for textures and warmth without the bulk.

  1. Make Use Of Walls

Floating Shelves
Things you could consider adding include adding floating shelves and other storage essentials. Hooks and coat racks will work well for clothing items. Use pendants and sconces on the wall instead of bedside lamps.

There you have it: ten no-fail tips to make a small bedroom look bigger. A small bedroom doesn’t have to be dull. You just have to work a little harder to make it both functional and stylish.

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