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Vastu shastra is a science which originated from the Stapaya Veda. ‘Vastu’ means ‘dwelling’, it is the residing place for God and man. It contains the principles of construction and architecture which were used in old times and today it is generally used in designing houses, commercial buildings, industries and temples. The concept says that everything is made of and governed by the five elements of nature, viz, vayu(air), agni(fire), jal(water), bhumi(earth) and aakash(sky).

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Vastu shastra also uses the magnetic fields and the sun’s rays to decide the right alignments of a building. Indian Maharajas used Vastu Shastra to build their palaces, gardens, sculptures etc. to indulge positive energy in them. Vastu shastra is based on an octagon and Hindus believe that Gods reside in the four quarters of the house and look after the energy in the house and the intensity of the effects of the activities happening at home.

Vastu for Peace at Home

Vastu uses and governs the forces of energy all around us all the time and keeps a balance between the architecture and the cosmic energy. The goal of designing as per Vastu is to achieve a dwelling place which has comfortable living and is useful (Bhogadyam), is visually pleasing and beautiful (Sukhadarsham) and is spiritually satisfying increasing the wellness of the residents (Ramyam). The alignments of the building and the material used to make it including the aesthetic value of the doors, windows, rooms, walls including their colors and sizes, all should be perfect.

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There are strict rules and norms which should be followed while building architecture. A house built as per principles of Vastu brings prosperity, peace, health and wellness in life. Followers of Vastu shastra not only get worldly pleasures but also internal peace and bliss. Below are some rules of Vastu.

Vastu Interiors

The Main entrance should not face either intersections of roads, or an approaching dead end road and it should not be obstructed by tall structures like trees or lamp posts.

The main door of the building should be facing the East. Good luck is supposed to enter through East.

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Cash and valuables should be kept in a room which is north-facing. The god of righteousness resides in Northeast. Therefore, this side is good for praying, meditating and taking important decisions of life.Buddha Neutral in Living Room

The shape of the building should be square-shaped or rectangular. Avoid constructing irregular or different-shaped buildings or buildings which has corner cuts.

The kitchen and heating appliances should be towards Southeast as the God of fire, Agni resides there.

Houses should be avoided to be built beside graveyards.

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The bed should be placed towards the Southwest and avoided being in the Southwest corner.
The colors used on walls are a crucial part effecting the peace and thoughts of the residents. Dark colors like red, black and grey should be avoided and lighter colors like blue, yellow and green should be used.

Vastu Shastra Interior Decor Home

Plants like cactus, bonsai and with red flowers should be avoided inside the house.
Vastu suggests paintings of nature, Buddha, meditation and peace-related to be hung for good health and peace of mind.

Room with Buddha Mural

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