How to Make a Wooden Towel Rack


A homemade towel rack is an excellent tool to serve your needs as well as uphold your creative side. The DIY wood towel rack enables you to keep the towels handy, and these classy fixtures, coming within reasonable rates, add more grace and elegance to space. Hence, these fixtures are highly in demand and putting a fair extent of time and effort, you can design one unique piece for yourself that will speak about your creative pursuits before the world. Here is the guide to construct these fixtures by your own hands.

Arranging The Necessary Tools And Materials

Wooden Towel Rack

Before you start the construction of the wooden racks, you will have to arrange the necessary materials and tools. Unless you have the right resources, it will turn impossible for you to complete the task. In that regard, you will need to have Broomsticks, Scrap Wood, Wood glue, Nails, Paint/Varnish, Screws as well as the plastic-made screw anchors. You would also need Apple cedar vinegar and black tea in some quantity. Also, you will have to arrange the following tools:

  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Paint Brush
  • Chop Saw to cut/resize that single metal piece. check this top-quality Chop saws list.
  • If you do not have a drill, then before buying, you need to look or read cordless drill reviews.
  • Screw Driver
  • Files or Rasp
  • Grinder (optional)

Once you have gathered these resources, you are ready to proceed further towards the construction of the racks.

The Construction Steps For The Homemade Towel Rack

Homemade Towel Rack

  • You will require making a weathering solution, and this solution must be made at least 24 hours before using it. You will have to mix fine steel wool with some amount of ACV. After a while, the steel will dissolve in Vinegar, leaving behind the Wool.
  • You will require cutting the Dowel Rods in lengths of 5-16 inches and two other rods in the length of 6 feet.
  • At the next step, you will require sanding the wool that you can either do manually or using the electric-driven Hand sander.
  • Now you have to mark the holes, and you can start marking the first hole at the height of 2.5 inches from the bottom, and the other holes should appear with a spacing of 13.5 inches from the center. The alignments must be correctly marked on both sides.
  • Apply light sanding on the holes, to smooth its rough edges.
  • The edges of the rungs are to be sanded down to ensure that they perfectly fit in the holes.
  • On one side of the rungs, apply wood glue, and you will have to position the levels in it. Repeat the same step for the other side.
  • You will now have to attach the clamps, and you must leave it for at least 2 hours to ensure complete drying.
  • Strongly brew the tea and apply it on the ladder with the help of the painting brush. Tannins will come out of the, and it will make way for the oxidation from the steel wool/vinegar. Ideally, you should apply two coatings and allow ample time in between using the coats to dry completely.
  • Apply the weathering solution, and you will see that the Wood has started to grow darker, the moment you apply the solution to the wood surface. This solution will weather the Wood within an hour. Thus, you can escape the commercial weathering solution that involves hazardous elements and often trigger devastating effects on your health.
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  1. Absolutely beautiful towel rack and great guide as well. Thanks for this, I might just try to do it myself!


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