How to Make Curtains Look Beautiful With Home Decor

On June 1, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Curtains and window treatment make an essential part of the overall home decoration project. You choice of curtain fabric, print, design, and length have a huge impact on the design of the area. Whether you want to completely transform the look of your home or just want minor changes due to a tight budget, curtains should make an important part of the whole process.

These don’t just help you control the amount of the light in an area but also help you insulate the home and add a classy element to the complete home interiors. When you buy home curtains online in India, you should try to find the right curtains that match your style and the theme. Here are some tips to help you bring out the maximum beauty of the curtains to add more drama to your home decoration.


The first thing when buying curtains for home decoration is to think about the purpose. You should be clear whether you want to use the curtains to block out the light; insulate the room or to add color to the area. For instance, the purpose of using a curtain in the bathroom is to block the light, so you should try to find out a design or color that goes well with the bath linen like bath mats, bathroom rugs etc. The right idea for this is to buy bath linen and curtains from the same place, as many online stores offer a full range of home furnishing items for specific parts of the home.

Length and Width

Length and width of curtains play a vital role in home decoration. Both the too long or too short curtains can spoil the whole idea and beauty of the area. So it is important to take the measurement and pick a size that looks great. Further, it also depends on the usage of the area for which you are buying the curtains. For a busy room that gets opened and closed too often, it is better to get a curtain in a fabric that hangs on its own. If you don’t want to control the light in the room, you should buy a curtain that has a few extra inches to block the sun.


Best Color Curtains
One of the hardest parts of curtain fabric buying online in India is a selection of colors. First, you need to find the best color that goes well with the home decoration theme and then you need to look for an online store that promises to offer the same color as shown in the images.

Most of the people give preference to their taste and liking when buying curtain fabric online in India. But besides your personal preference, you should take care of some other factors as well.

  • Check out the predominant color in the room
  • Check the balance of different shades; is one tone dominating the whole room?
  • Does the room need some contrast for enhanced appeal?
  • Find the best color contrast for the dominant color
  • Is there a lot of contrast and you need some balance?

If there is monotony due to the dominance of one color, you can buy a curtain in some contrast color. Finding darker shades for a room with lots of light shades is a right choice. For the rooms having a lot of contrast, you can buy curtains in matching the color of the dominant color.


Cotton Rugs and Curtains
Once you know the right colors, next task is to look for the patterns. Some people like patterns while others prefer solid design. Patterned or solid curtain selection also depends on the rugs in your room. The technique is almost same as you used for color selection.

For a room with lots of solid colors, curtains and rugs in patterned designs are perfect. You can buy cotton rugs and curtains online to find the right match for your requirement and balance out the room.

There are enormous choices when it comes to home decoration. From furniture to bed linen, bath linen, rugs, curtains and cushions, everything has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the home. The best idea is to visit a store like that offers the whole range of home decoration products at one place. There you can get a variety of styles to find the perfect curtain and home decoration products for your home.

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