How To Make Full Use Of Limited Space In A Small Apartment


How to Make Full Use of Limited Space in a Small Apartment

Palm Beach isn’t the cheapest place to live, but it’s worth it. One way people want to live in one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the US to afford rent is to get a small apartment. This could be a converted attic or a one-bedroom condo at The Strand West Palm Beach. Whether you’re living there full time or using it as a second home/winter getaway close to the beach, space could be an issue. If you grew up in or lived in a three-bedroom house, with a basement, for a significant amount of time, that will be your mental default for decorating. Thinking in these terms will eat up every bit of space quickly in a small apartment.

Luckily, anyone can do several little tricks to get the most out of the space their apartment offers.

Start With Multi-Functionality

Furniture with more than one function or can convert to something else is a great way to maximize space. For example, buy an ottoman or coffee table that opens for storage. Instead of a couch, use a daybed. A murphy bed with a memory foam mattress can free up space in a bedroom where a folding table can make an office when you aren’t sleeping. The same principle applies to your rooms, like when you aren’t having meals, let your kitchen be your office – if the bedroom idea doesn’t use.

Have A Plan For Your Closets

Don’t just put all your clothes and such in your closets without a thought. Use the space wisely. A shoe tree can free up floor space, and some extra shelves and racks can be added. Another trick is to find better ways to store out-of-season clothes.

Make The Most Out Of Empty Space

There is more room in your apartment than you probably realize. Buying shelves that go all the way to the ceiling, or hiding storage bins behind strategically placed furniture, like a chair positioned in the corner, can work miracles.

Create Space

This is easier than you might think. Little things like raising a bed by a few inches can create a good deal of space to store items underneath. The same goes with adding small shelves on the wall beside or behind the bed or the toilet. All that wall space would go to waste otherwise. The same idea holds for things like hanging pot racks in the kitchen and using space-saving appliances. For example, a coffee maker or microwave that drapes under a cabinet doesn’t take up space on the counter.

Find Furniture That Adds Space

Or at least look like it does. Those big tables and chairs may look fantastic, but it could make navigating your apartment a pain. So instead, go for a more elegant design. Even if the furniture pieces are the same primary size, something like a glass table will give the illusion of more space, making an apartment feel more spacious, even if it isn’t.

Manage Your Electronics

We are all obsessed with gadgets, but like everything else, they take up space. You can remedy this by doing things like wall mounting your TV. Another trick is to go for wireless options for things like surround sound systems and cable boxes. This will not only give you more flexibility on where you put these devices, but it will eliminate the need to hide all the wires and connectors – especially since one of the main ways to protect them is behind furniture.

Finally, Live Simply

This is one of the easiest yet hardest things to do. So many of us have gotten so used to the idea of having our thoughts that we have trouble imagining life without them. It’s not that we need it all. It’s only that modern life has made it seem normal when we are surrounded by stuff. It’s all in a person’s mindset. Materialism isn’t inherently wrong, but being less attached to one’s possessions can help get the most out of a new life in a smaller apartment.

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