How To Make My Studio Apartment Feel Bigger


Apartment units usually don’t come close to having the space that a private home includes. Renting a studio apartment will make every square more precious. With the later type of rental, you only have so much space to work with. Luckily studios do come with a bathroom! But your new residence must house all of your belongings like a bed, table, and couches.

We have put together a coveted set of tricks that any apartment renter can use to create more space inside their space.

What Exactly Is A Studio Apartment

A Studio Apartment

A studio is also known as the efficiency of the smallest residence in an apartment complex. It encompasses one room and an adjacent bathroom. There are only two reasons anybody would ever want to rent a studio apartment home.

  1. It’s usually the cheapest residence in the entire community. Many renters are on a tight budget, and this foots the bill.
  2. For people living alone, who don’t have much stuff and are not likely to entertain a bunch of guests.

That’s not to say the two people couldn’t live in one together. After all, college students in dorm rooms usually occupy a studio together. Renters may come across studios in high rises and loft apartment homes.

Employ An Intricate Wall Shelving System

Wall Shelving System

The majority of our things take up space on the floor. Think of all of your stuff, and don’t forget about things that must take up floor space.

Tables, chairs, and your bed must occupy space on the floor. For everything that doesn’t, we can think about changing it or placing it on the wall.

Check out this wall storage rack. This can be placed directly on the wall, or it could be mounted over the door. It’s perfect for organizing small items that you don’t want lying around.

Many of us have several sets of shoes. Rather than stick them in the closet, which will take up valuable real estate, we can get a cheap shoe organizer. This one has a series of hooks which are attached to the top of the door. You can easily place your shoes in each pocket space!

Furniture That Serves Multiple Purposes

Furniture That Serves Multiple Purposes

There is no doubt that furniture takes up the most space. Do you need a bed, desk, table, couch, and sofa?

What if there was a piece of furniture that could serve as a bed during night time and you could change it into a desk when you needed to get additional work done.

This super cool loft bed with a desk can do just that. Not only can it accommodate a regular-sized mattress, but it will also serve as your workspace too.

Maybe you’re a student in college. This would be a perfect fit.

Couch That Turns Into A Bed

Couch That Turns Into A Bed

Instead of a bed that houses a desk, what about a comfortable couch that can turn into a bed. At night this would serve as your sleeping space.

In the event you decide guests or family over, you could then transform it into a couch. Your guests wouldn’t even know that his piece served this dual purpose.

This is a great space saver.

Room Divider

Room Divider

For those of us that want the same look and feel of a one-bedroom apartment home, there is a potential solution that fits. This tall window pane with a shelf divider does as advertised.

Renters can set this in the middle of a room to separate spacing or to create additional privacy. Think about using this to divide your sleeping space from your work area. It’s super light. So you can move it around to create the desired effect that makes the most sense for you.

Bottom Line

  • A studio apartment home includes only one room. Many renters jump at the price, but then soon realize that it is small. So be prepared.
  • Since a studio is the smallest unit in the community, you won’t be able to bring a lot of stuff with you. Square footage will be a premium. For you minimalists out there, this might be perfect for you.
  • Think about how you want to craft and layout your studio. Several pieces of furniture are multi-purpose. This can save you floor-space.

Think about all the little things that you don’t have space for. Think about putting them in bins or storage containers.

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