How To Make Sure Your Clients Are Comfortable With Your ANPR Parking System


ANPR Parking System

A parking system equipped with ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) technology is used to make parking facilities safer and easier for customers to use. However, it is pointless to have an ANPR system that doesn’t function well or isn’t accurate enough to record the right information. This won’t serve your business and will only frustrate your customers.

ANPR is a great investment for any company or property owner with a parking lot. However, the technology is useful only when tested for accuracy and can efficiently record vehicles’ number plate information. Additionally, the best ANPR systems offer a high level of ease of use and convenience to your customers. Not only should it be easier for them to drive their vehicle into your parking lot, but they must be able to handle the ANPR system without stress or frustration. You don’t want this system to put your customers off and deter them from using your business.

Here are a few ways you can ensure that your clients are comfortable with your ANPR parking system.

Test The System’s Accuracy

Nothing is more frustrating for your customers than an ANPR parking system that doesn’t register the correct number plates. This makes it difficult for the operator to keep track of vehicles while causing a great deal of inconvenience for your clients. Not only does it lead to errors in vehicle entry and exit records, but an inaccurate ANPR system can lead to a range of issues in the future.

Think about it – what if your ANPR system enters different plate numbers for the same vehicle or if it fails to read the number plate altogether? If you ever want to block a car from entering your parking lot in the future, it will be impossible to do this with the wrong plate number.

All of this shows you just how important it is that your Automated Number Plate Recognition is entirely accurate. So, the first step to ensure that your customers are comfortable with your ANPR parking system is to invest in the right product. Then, do your research and be sure to buy a reliable, accurate system from a recognized brand.

Use ANPR With Vehicle Access Control

If you have different vehicle tracking and management software installed in your parking area, you should consider integrating various components. If you don’t want to connect your systems for whatever reason, you should invest in an end-user product that offers vehicle management and tracking options. For example, you may want a vehicle access control system that comes with barrier opening, vehicle access management tools, ANPR technology, and other software systems.

Make Sure Your System Is Fast And Efficient

People consider using ANPR systems to reduce waiting times at your parking lot’s entrance points. Having to wait for long periods of time to access your parking space can be frustrating for your customers, guests, and employees. Plus, it makes it super challenging for your staff to enter the details of each car, increasing the risk of mistyping and registration errors. If you get large traffic volumes, a manual parking system will be the last thing your customers expect.

It is better to install a fast and efficient ANPR system that will automate your parking system and reduce waiting times. To improve the driver experience when using the parking system, you need to upgrade your parking lot’s technology and software systems. Ideally, your ANPR system should easily and quickly record the vehicle’s details. For example, the number plate should be instantly and effortlessly scanned and automatically registered digitally to be accessible on all digital devices.

Choose The Right Cameras

Your ANPR system’s cameras should be able to scan dark and unclear images easily. You don’t necessarily need a high-end camera that costs a bomb, but it should be good enough to capture adequate pictures of all vehicles entering and exiting your parking lot. The best cameras automatically detect as well as decode number plates.

It’s also important to set up your cameras properly. Don’t go for a wide-angle shot – instead, set up your camera so that it focuses directly on the number plates coming through. This improves the camera’s accuracy, which, in turn, means more accurate readings. It would help if you made sure that the camera has a width of at least 50 pixels for accurate readings. This means that the distance between the camera and the entrance and exit points should not be more than 35 meters. While most cameras come with a zoom feature, the image can get blurry if the camera is too far away from the vehicle.

More and more businesses are using ANPR technology to identify the vehicles coming in and going out of their parking area. There are many benefits of this modern technology. Still, it is important to implement it properly to ensure that your customers don’t see it as a hindrance and are instead comfortable with the system. This will help you to attract more customers to your business rather than driving them away!

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