How To Make THC Vape Juice


In this article, we’ll go over the top picks for the best THC tincture and give you a comprehensive guide on how to make thc vape juice.

THC Vape Juice

Are you looking for the best way to save some money as a vaping addict or perhaps an alternative for when you don’t have your Geek bar disposable vape to hand? If yes, then why not cultivate the habit of making THC vape juice?

It’s more than compulsory; it’s necessary, primarily if you reside in a region where vape oil is scarce. Besides, making the vape oil by yourself would keep you on the safer side; how?

That’s because you are aware of the content it features. And, if you’re so pragmatic enough with your intuition, you can start selling it, too, so, yes, it can be a lucrative business, provided you know your marketplace so well.

So, let’s get down to the systematic approaches to how to make thc vape juice:

Extraction: Dried Or Fresh Buds

There is a necessity in removing the terpene from the weed, but, of course, that can be done through decarboxylation. And the reason to do that is to eradicate the toxic odor.

You’ll not also be removing the odor but also breaking down THCA to THC. THC is the gem, and it can only be activated in the presence of heat.

However, you’re to grind the marijuana or treat the fresh bud. Irrespective of the step you imbibe, it’s essential that you decarboxylate before making any further attempts.

Notwithstanding, we urge you to use marijuana with fresh buds; why? The percentage of THC left in dried buds is less than 30%, unlike the new buds, which consist of a high quantity of THC.

Similarly, if you are looking for a particularly strong variant of THC, then choosing the delta 9 variant might be a better option than the delta 8 variant for example – if you would like to learn more about some of the different types of THC variants, you can find plenty of helpful information including the answers to questions such as “what is delta 9 thc?” on the Area 52 website.


The approaches are different. If you’ve got dried marijuana, then you might need to get a little amount of it inside your glass jar. Get a towel and a baking tray available, too.

On your part now, what you need is to get hand gloves and ensure that you’re wearing footwear. You might even need to make sure the oven itself is not powered.

After that, airtight glass jar and wet the towel once you’ve discreetly folded it lengthwise. So, put the towel at the top while you place the sealed glass jar at the zenith.

And once you’ve stacked them on each other, you can transfer them inside the oven rack. However, ensure that you don’t get them scattered.

Set the temperature of the oven to a range from 225F to 250F afterward. You can then remove them after an hour or so, remove them and allow the gas to flare off. In other words, loosen the airtight cover so that the toxicity can disintegrate. With that alone, you’d decarboxylate dried and ground marijuana.

For decarboxylating fresh bud marijuana, you’d need to get them placed inside an aluminum foil. Once that’s done, get the buds inside the aluminum foil and get them heated at high degrees. You can then remove it after 40min.

Addition: PG Or VG

This acronym, PG, symbolizes Propylene Glycol, while VG indicates Vegetable Glycerin. Your choice has nothing to do with the reduction in the terpenes THC that you’d enjoy afterward at all.

 And that’s because they both have their cons and pros. You can use them singly, and you can choose to use their mixture. However, you’d have to know the percentage that complements the measurement of the flavor you’ll be using.

Besides, none of these is toxic to the human system. So, you can add the quantity you want according to your discretion. Just make sure that you steer when you’re done adding any of the two (or the two) inside the glass jar where the marijuana is situated.


Once you’re done with the mixture, you can heat it at that same high temperature you’re used to from the onset.

Do that for about 40min before removing it from the oven and getting it cold again. Nonetheless, note that a gas jar is still useful even though you decarboxylate fresh buds.

However, what distinguishes it from others is that you would need to pour in some ethanol and water to the extent that you can get them submerged.

Then heat the glass jar for some time before scooping out the water left after using cheesecloth to filter. Put the water in a separate jar mixed with either PG or VG (or both).

It’s after you’ve added the PG/VG and you reheated it that you might need to add flavors before heating it for the final time (but all is now in your glass jar).

Moreover, in cases where you don’t have an oven, you can use a stove. You can also put the sealed glass jar inside a pot of water and heat them if you don’t have a towel.

Final Verdict

It’s after you’ve done those that you can use your syringe to scoop while you infuse it inside your culture vape pen for uninterrupted pleasure. Of course, you’d have unlimited fun doing this, trust me.

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