How To Make Your Backyard Your Own Private Sanctuary


There is nothing better than relaxing in your own backyard after a long day of work with a nice cold drink. Making your backyard your own private sanctuary is easier and less expensive than you think. If your backyard is a little too open to neighbours or passers-by and you want to make it more private, here are just a few simple ways to do so.

Plants And Trees

Although this may not be a quick fix suggestion, using flowers and trees can be a beautiful and greener alternative to your average fence. Bushes and trees can make your backyard more private as well as nicer to look at, you may just need a little more patience. There are some trees that grow faster than others such as arborvitaes, which can grow to any height you wish in just a few years. This leaves a much more natural barrier between you and those around you. Whilst you are adding a little more privacy and security to your garden, you may also want to think about your house. If you want secure doors and windows,use companies such as Panther Protect known for security doors and windows.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains
Outdoor curtains can make your backyard into your own private sanctuary in no time and for little cost. You can buy outdoor curtains from many online retailers or garden shops in Australia, or if you like to make things, you may want to buy some muslin and make your own outdoor curtains. You can then hang these up around your patio or seated area with rope, rails or rods. Trees can be used as an anchor to hold these up or you may want to add some wooden posts into the ground for extra support.


There are many fences that you can purchase and depending on your price range you may want to build your own. Lattice fences can be easily made, just follow these step-by-step instructions. All you need are a couple of wooden boards or posts to make a simple, inexpensive fence. You may even want to spray paint the wood before you use it to match your outdoor living area and bring a little more life to your garden.

Retractable Garden Screens

Retractable Garden Screens
This is a great way of putting a divider between your backyard and the neighbors. Retractable garden screens can be bought from many home improvement stores or online. These can also be handy for keeping bugs outside rather than in the house. They are also great at cooling patios down and keeping heat out of the house, whilst many screens protect from UV rays. Although these may not be the cheapest solution, they offer many great benefits and will reduce your energy costs in cooling your home, making the purchase beneficial in the long run.

However you decide to make your backyard more private, there are many great solutions either DIY or from home improvement stores. Having your own space can help you relax and enjoy your backyard more.

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