How to Make Your Bathroom Disable-Friendly


Dealing with a disability is always a tough time for everyone involved, especially if this interrupts everyday tasks such as going to the bathroom for toiletry needs or baths/showers etc. This is why products that will allow your bathroom to be disable friendly will be near the top of the priority list. If you are struggling to decide how to make your bathroom disable friendly, or what you need in order to achieve this, then here are a few products that may help you on your way.

Walk in Baths

Walk in Baths
Baths can be especially hard to enter at the best of times, due to their height off the ground and awkward shape, which has left most people tripping over upon entry at some point! A walk in bath makes it much easier for people who find this difficult. Obviously the installation of a walk in bath is relational to the size and shape of your bathroom, and an expert will have to come and measure this, however this would also be the case for your average bath so there is nothing to worry about here. Unsurprisingly with a walk in bath, all you have to do is walk inside by opening a door on the side, this makes for easy access as there is no climbing or hurdling involved. Walk in baths are available with entry from either side, and in multiple colours.

Disability Showers

Disability Showers
Similarly to a bath, some showers can be very difficult to enter. Seeing as this is a vital part of daily life, having an easily accessible shower can be a necessity. To help your access to these showers, there is a low ramp included in these models in order to avoid any climbing and allow an easy entrance. There are also anti-slip surfaces to ensure that there are no injuries inflicted inside the shower. Due to the influx of modern advances and constant discoveries, the disability shower has become possible, therefore you can take advantage of this for a more comfortable experience whilst showering.

Wet Rooms

Wet Room
Wet rooms are now very popular amongst the general public, and are now expanding from their original use which was catering for the disabled. This is very convenient for people with disabilities due to the fact that there is no entering or leaving a shower or bath space involved, as there are no walls! You can just walk under the shower head that is attached to the ceiling to get the wash that you desire. In structural terms, the wet room would need a downward sloping gradient in order to drain the water that will be dispersed onto the flow, however these can be very handy in making your bathroom disable friendly.

So if you are looking to make your bathroom convenient for the disabled, then definitely consider purchasing one of the 3 products listed above, as this will save you large amounts of time and effort in the long term.


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