How To Make Your Car Your Happy Place


Clean Car

We refer to our apartments and houses as ‘home sweet home.’ Still, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes driving each year. That’s the equivalent of seven 40-hour work weeks! Given the length of time spent in our vehicles, it makes sense that we go to some lengths to make the environment a pleasant one.

Thankfully, making our vehicles our happy place isn’t rocket science. Half the battle has music that doesn’t suck and a high car vacuum that does! Choose to make daily commutes and annual road trips amazing by selecting the best tunes and best car vacuum plus the best accessories for an enjoyable experience. Another thing that can make your car feel more like home is a personalized touch. Dateless number plates are a great way to add a little bit of your own style to your car while saving a lot of money.

Keep It Clean

Old latte spills in the cup holders, mud on the mats, and crumbled receipts in the glove compartment create more than just an unsightly mess. They can negatively impact your physical and mental health. While most discussion on this subject relates to home organization, it stands to reason that the many benefits of cleaning and organizing would apply to any environment we spend extensive time in – home, work, and our cars.

Establish a regular schedule for decluttering and organizing all the spaces in your vehicle, including the glove compartment and trunk. Keep mats, upholstery, and the entire interior clean by vacuuming routinely and as needed. Don’t rely on the car wash for this one. It’s worth investing in a car vacuum with the right suction power, portability, and accessories to suit your needs.

Turn Up The Tunes

Driving transports us away from stressful jobs and homes but comes with stresses of its own. Remember the panic last time you were running late and stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic? When it comes to improving your mood for the morning or evening commute, turning up the tunes may help.

Research shows a strong correlation between music and mood, and more specifically, that music, among many other benefits, can elevate your mood while driving. One particular study produced a playlist with songs shown to reduce anxiety by up to 65%. Now that specific playlist is so relaxing, it’s not recommended for listening while driving; however, you could try looking to calm your nervous system before getting on your way.

Personalize More Than Your Plates

Have you driven a rental or lent your car to a friend lately? If so, you know that feeling of immediately needing to adjust the seat, mirrors, music station, and location of the tissue box for it to feel “right.” A vehicle is more than just a utility. It’s your personal space, so make it your own with gadgets, accessories, and decor that’s right for you.

Get creative with DIY air fresheners and steering wheel covers in scents and patterns you love. Or if that’s the way to kitchy or you, consider sleek comfort accessories like gel-padded cushions. If energy work is your thing, hang crystals instead of fuzzy dice from the rearview mirror, or if social media is your jam, get a car mount to record or broadcast posts and stories while you’re on the road – it doesn’t get more personal than that.

You don’t need an RV to feel at home on the road. With a little creativity and regular attention, your car can be your happy place. Also, remember to do proper maintenance to your car and make sure it is performing well. You might need a Diesel tuner, a cold-air intake, and other car engine accessories, but maintaining your car’s engine will ensure that you get to enjoy your happy place for a long, long time.


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