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After a long day, you want to be able to sit back and relax at home. It can be challenging to achieve this if your home isn’t discreet enough, though – a lack of privacy can leave you feeling anxious and give you an unhomely feeling. So here are some ideas to make your home feel a little more private.


Blinds are a perfect way to ensure that your windows are more private. By adding them to your main windows, you can allow enough light in to illuminate the room while preventing people from being able to see into your home.


Alternatively, thick curtains can block a window entirely, although the room will be dark if the curtains are in use. They’re a better option for the night when you want to prevent any light from coming in. A study by Burton Roofing revealed that 80 percent of 2000 people surveyed admitted that they look through neighbors’ windows – ensure that you close your curtains that face populated areas to stop people peeking into your home.


If you still want bright and natural lighting for your house, despite curtains and blinds, you could install skylight windows. These windows will be facing towards the sky and won’t reveal anything inside your home, even if somebody looks towards them.


Making your garden more private can make a difference too. When neighbors can easily peer into your garden, it can get a little awkward. You can avoid this by putting up larger fences, ideally higher than human height, to give yourself a little more solitude inside the garden.


If you’re not keen on putting up high fences, then promoting greenery could be an attractive alternative. High trees and shrubs can obscure the view into your garden, and if they rise high enough, they can even make it harder to see into windows on your house. Hedges can have a similar effect when lined up against the perimeter of your garden too. The wilder your garden, the more discreet it can be.

Rearrange Your Living Space

Carefully rearranging how you live in your house can work too. For example, rather than having your living room downstairs and facing the street, you could swap it with your upstairs bedroom. That way, you can keep your bedroom private with thick curtains while having a bright upstairs living space that passers-by can’t peer into.

Making your home more private can dramatically improve your mood at home. By reassessing your living space, blocking the most obvious windows with curtains, and promoting greenery, you can make your home more discreet.

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