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Most of our interior design skills come from what we have picked up from our homes, what we have learned working in the places we lived, combined with the styles we like and can afford. But most of us didn’t take a professional course in the subject; we tend to use in our homes what works, what’s most effective, and still provides us with a cozy feeling. Because of this, we could fall into patterns of making similar mistakes that could make our homes not look their best.

To avoid these common issues, here are some tips on how to make your home look better:

Creating Extra Space

I recently had some much-unneeded walls removed that served as a small pantry in my kitchen, only storing my fridge and a storage shelf on top. It not only made my kitchen look a lot smaller but also the entire lobby. It was hard to reach my fridge inside the pantry anyway. One of those old-style home designs, I guess since those walls are non-existent, my home has a much better feel to it. You could also be thinking of ways to make your home more airy and spacious!

Hiding Your Cables

Chances are, we have all fallen into this trap. At the very least, our extension cords can be visible somewhere. And sometimes it can seem like a daunting task, to hide all our cables! But there are ways around it! You don’t have to showcase all that octopus-like wires beneath your desk or television set. You could hide them behind cable concealers and run them down on your walls or around your corners!

You can get them in different sizes, and you could also paint them to match the colors of your walls. Here you can get creative as you wish; there are plenty of ways to use these concealers! By doing so, you could perfectly make those ugly cords invisible and make your home look much less messy and more sophisticated. Alternatively, you could hide cables behind your drywalls, if you have any, by making two holes on them, where you lead your cables away from the eyes.

Upgrading Your Lights

Avoid using boob lights. They are so eighties, right!? We tend to use them as we have known them for decades; they seem practical, easy to fit, and a good value. But do they make your home look its best? Certainly not! You should explore your options in your local interior design shops to pick something more unique and modern.

A stylish lamp could boost your home’s look in unimaginable ways! Your new lights don’t have to cost a fortune; you could find affordable replacements on eBay or Amazon. Whether you only rent your apartment or own it, by only changing your light fixtures, you could make your home look quite different. And you don’t need to tear your walls apart!

Mixing Your Furniture

Try mixing your furniture and decor pieces instead of getting everything from IKEA or a similar shop. Why? Many of us are familiar with such interiors, and having all the furniture from there takes away your place’s special, unique touch. If your favorite sofa or wardrobe is an IKEA model, for instance, you should spice up your home’s look by getting items of different brands. You should avoid using more than three items from the same affordable brand as a rule of thumb.

Matching furniture sets, like an identical bed, chest of drawers, night tables, etc., could also look a bit tacky. The key to achieving a premium look is by mixing and matching your furniture, colors, patterns, textures, thus creating a unique and dynamic big picture. One hint for you could be when picking your sofa, the shop assistant could offer you a matching ottoman. This should be your clue to choose a different color one that somehow goes with your room!

If you have too many identical pieces of furniture in one room, you could be moving some pieces to another room to avoid the shabby look. If you are willing to experiment with the various colors, finishes, styles, it can make your place look much more classy, with only a few changes already.

Your Furniture Placement

Putting all your pieces of furniture next to your walls, as many of us usually do, doesn’t always give off the best vibe of your home. How to create a better atmosphere? If you pull your bed to the center of your bedroom, placing two nightstands on the two sides will give your room a more elegant, hotel-style look. You could do this change with even the best value furniture pieces; it will make your bedroom look a lot better.

The same could be done in your living room. In case you put all your furniture right next to your walls to have more space, it could give your home a boring and cheap look. If you have a chance, you should be placing your furniture off your walls, creating more flow. You could also play around with putting your furniture on rugs and creating a unique furniture layout. You should be careful with choosing the right size of rug that matches your room and furniture.

Choosing The Right Rugs

Your rugs should provide your home with more warmth and comfort and expand your space. Rugs are also meant to anchor your furniture; if you can place at least two legs of your chairs or tables on your rug, chances are, you got the right size! In the case of dining room rugs, you should be aiming to get a rug large enough to place your dining room and chairs on it, and when pulling out your chairs, make sure they stay on the rug. That’s how you know you picked the right size!

In your bedroom, you shouldn’t be letting your rug float around at the end of your bed. To give your bedroom a high-end look, you should place your rug under your bed in a way that it reaches beyond your bed. Your rug should possibly be lining up with your nightstand. What if you love your small rug and want to keep using it? You could put a larger rug underneath and create a layered rug look, which could be giving your home a designer look.

Visible Shoe Racks

One of the first visible cluttered things when entering your home could be your messy shoe rack. We perhaps keep our shoes visible for convenience. But they don’t make your home look stylish. Instead of shoe racks, you could be using various forms of closed storage, including slim shoe cabinets, a front closet, or a bench with inside storage for your shoes. This can also make a big change to the look of your home.

Your Wall Decor

Not choosing the right pieces of wall decor could also make your place look less optimal. For instance, most of us are familiar with IKEA or JYSK wall decor pieces or whatever home accessories and furniture store you may have in your country. The problem with these is they are easily recognizable by people, and they could make your space have a cheap look to it.

So, you shouldn’t pick your unique wall decor pieces from major furniture retailers. Instead, you should be looking for styles, finishes, materials, even fabric that matches your unique taste and can make it seen in your home. You could find a beautiful piece of artwork, a photograph, or printed picture tastily framed in other shops!

Your Decor Pillows

Decor pillows are one of the simplest accessories to make your home look cozier. You could not only style your pillows in groups of three for a more dynamic look but also add different colors and textures to make them stand out. This layered look will make each pillow a unique pie, creating a harmonious-looking place. You could also place various size and shape items in groups of three on your shelves, coffee table, on your fireplace, anywhere you wish.

Just remember to use different materials, forms, and textures, when grouping three things together. A good example could be to hang a large mirror on the wall above your console table and place some candles and a vase, or even some book on the top of the console table. This will provide your room with a unique group of three looks.

Hanging Your Pictures

What’s the ideal height to hang your pictures? To make them look like part of your entire design, you shouldn’t be hanging your pictures much above eyesight. That is at around 4 foot 7 inches. If you place your wall art a lot higher, they could have a floating feel. This could also considerably change the look of your room. By bringing everything down to eye level, you can create a cohesive look. Good luck!

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