How To Make Your Home Super-Cozy & Inviting For The Holidays


Living Room Interior Design For Holidays

If you have guests and family over for the holidays, then it would be a wonderful idea to make your home seem as warm and inviting as possible. Here are some great ways to make your home feel cozy and comfortable for you and any visitors this holiday season.

Create A Welcoming Entrance

Christmas Entrance Decoration

As this is the first place in your home that your guests see, make them feel extra welcome as they enter your house. For example, have some outside lighting to light their way and add a wreath or other decorations on the door to welcome them. Also, make sure there is a doormat for them to wipe their feet and somewhere for them to hang any coats and scarves in the entryway.

Add Texture With Throw Blankets

Perfect Throw Blankets

Adding some soft throw blankets to your couch is a perfect way to make your guests visiting for the holidays feel right at home. A thick, fluffy blanket to curl up under with a warm drink is ideal when it’s cold outside. Have a pile of blankets at the ready in a wicker basket in the living room, ready for guests to grab and snuggle under. It’s also a good idea to add plenty of throw pillows to get snuggly against. They add a level of warmth and coziness to a room.

Make A Feature Of The Fireplace

Christmas Fireplace Decoration

There’s nothing better than sitting around a crackling fire after a wintery walk outside, talking with family or reading a book. If you haven’t already got one, then a wood burner stove made in Canada is a wonderful addition to any living room and certainly gives that welcoming feel, especially during winter. You can decorate the mantle and add a garland for the holidays. Store your wood and kindling and a stylish basket next to the fireplace, and you can also add candles or lanterns to the hearth.

Have Subtle Lighting

Subtle Lighting

If you are trying to encourage a feeling of coziness, the last thing you want is bright lights in the middle of the room. Instead of using the main lights, add some floor lamps or table lamps and have more subtle lighting light up darker corners of the room. You could even add some pretty fairy lights on sideboards or tables. You can’t go wrong with candles flickering too. If you’re worried about young children visiting for the holidays, you can always get battery-operated flameless candles instead to give that cozy effect.

Add A Large Rug

Large Rug

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, adding a large rug adds texture, softness and an extra level of coziness to your home. If you don’t want it there all the time, you can easily roll out a rug just for the holiday season. A large rug can make another focal point of the room, and you can get it to match with the throw blankets and pillows in the living room.

Create A Hot Drinks Station

Hot Chocolate Station

Not only is it welcoming, but it’s also great fun to have a hot drinks station in your kitchen for guests during the holidays. You can set up a hot chocolate station for the kids with marshmallows and candy canes. Have sprinkles and chocolate shavings that they can add with whipped cream to make it extra fun. For the adults, why not have some mulled wine or cider in a slow cooker so they can help themselves to a warm drink when they fancy one? This will also make your kitchen and the rest of the house smell wonderful.

As you can see, there are some great ideas to help you create a warm and welcoming environment in your home. But, even if you implement just a few of these ideas, you can make your home feel cozy for entertaining during the holidays.

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