How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger And Beautiful


If you have a small kitchen, then don’t fret about the small space that hinders you from working or having your place look nice. There are ways on how to make your kitchen look bigger and with the modern touch to it that will work for your guests! If you are wondering about how you can decorate your small kitchen to give it the elegant interior design with enough space to work around, then read on.

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Here are four easy tips to follow when you would like to make your kitchen look bigger:

  1. Invest in the Correct Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools
One problem in small kitchens is that not only do you find a lot of the kitchen tools and equipment, but they are scattered everywhere! Instead of cluttering the kitchen with various tools, opt to organize what you need and sort them properly. If you have an electric knife sharpener , then put it in a cabinet until it needs to be used. Invest in spice racks for space-saving storage, or start selling kitchen tools you don’t use. Multipurpose kitchen equipment will save up on space as well.

  1. Play With the Colors

Play With the Colors
While people mix and match colors, a good way to make your kitchen look bigger is to stick to brighter and neutral colors. Minimalist is in, with modern kitchens having gray or white colors splashed around. I would recommend that you focus on the color white and to open up your kitchen with windows or mirrors for a better reflection and bigger area.

  1. Counter Space

Counter Space
Chefs say that the best counter space you can allot for a small kitchen is ten inches. It gives you ample area to prep and cook your food. Don’t clutter them with tools as well, opting to hide it in your counter’s drawers and cabinets. It will have your space look larger and easier to organize your tools to get them when needed.

  1. Opt for Movable Seats

Movable Seats
Everyone would have a cool breakfast nook, with a counter and stools to have you enjoy your meals in the kitchen. For smaller areas, opt to have movable seats that can go under the counters to avoid it from blocking the way while you walk around the room. Transparent seats will work as well, making you have more of a view that makes the area look bigger.

In Conclusion

Small kitchens do not mean cramped ones. With the right design and remodeling, you will have the spacious and beautiful kitchen to start cooking in.

I hope this article helped with remodeling your small kitchen! If you’ve got questions or tips to share, do share it by commenting down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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