How To Make Your Own House Wash Mixture Easily?


House Wash Mixture

You might want to make your own house wash mixture while you have no cleaning agent in hand. House is the main shelter for everyone. After all works, the house gives you the ultimate peace. Therefore you must keep it clean and beautiful.

For this reason, an effective house wash mixture is a must. The good news is you can even make it on your own. The process is easy and straightforward because you only need some household tools for it. Let’s start.

How To Make Your Own House Wash Mixture?

A house wash mixture is basically a mixture of some chemicals and other cleansing elements. The mixture is used to wash and clean your house entirely and give it a new and attractive look.

There are a lot of house wash mixtures available in markets, either in powder or liquid form. However, they are sometimes too expensive and rare when you need them urgently.

So you can make your house wash mixture quickly in your house with existing elements. The elements and chemicals you need to make a potent cleaning mixture are as follows:

  • A bucket
  • Normal dishwashing soap(liquid would be better)
  • Liquid bleach
  • Borax
  • TSP
  • Water

These are mostly available in our house. You can also use a pressure washer and X-jet if you have one.

You can easily make your house wash mixture by blending all the necessary elements with water. But you must know the right measurements of all the elements because most of the mixture are chemicals.

If you do not use them in a proper measure, it might cause a harmful reaction. Here go the necessary steps of how to make your house wash mixture easily and perfectly.

Step 1: Add Water, Bleach, And TSP

The very first thing you need to do is to take a bucket of five gallons. Then make the bucket half-filled with warm water. Warm water is very much helpful for cleaning and washing. If you decide to use normal or cold water, instead, the mixture might not work properly.

So it is wise to use warm water to make a house mixture. Remember, the water should be warm, not too hot or boiling. Now shake the water either by your hand or with a stick. After that, you have to mix bleach.

You have to use liquid bleach, and the amount should be exactly one gallon. Try to mix the bleach with the water while circulating. Again keep shaking the mixture of water and bleach. Similarly, you have to add TSP to the circulating mixture.

TSP refers to Tri-Sodium Phosphate, a very effective cleanser and is available in any pool store or hardware store. You need just two cups of TSP in the mixture. Stir the mixture very well. Finally, in that mixture, add one cup of borax. Mix all the elements properly.

Step 2: Add Soap To Make It Dense

In the second step, you need to add soap to the mixture. You can use dishwashing soap for better results. Mix exactly one-fourth cup of dishwashing soap in that mixture and stir it well.

Soap helps to make the mixture more dense and cubic. It also permits the washing mixture to dwell on vertical surfaces for long periods. Now you have to fill out the remaining portion of the bucket again with warm water.

Step 3: Add More Elements To Make It Enough

First, you have used half bucket water of a five-gallon bucket. That means you have used two and a half-gallon of water. After mixing all other washing elements, you have again used water to fill up the remaining bucket.

So, now you have exactly five gallons of house wash mixture. Stir and mix all the elements thoroughly. Your own homemade house wash mixture is now ready to use. You can wash and clean your exterior house parts with this mixture and some interior parts as well.

Precautions To Follow:

Although you have already got your desired house wash mixture in the previous step, this step is also vital for you. You can add more liquid dishwashing soap to the mix if you want. But you have to keep in mind that the soap is not harming the other elements at all.

To get a perfect wash or result, you must maintain some precautionary rules. For example, you have to cover all the plants and foliage while washing because the mixture’s chemicals can harm the plants and the foliage.

Once you have washed your house, make a final wash with straight normal water. You should wash the plants and foliage with normal water as well.

How Can It Benefit You?

House repairing services offer you the cleaning or washing services on the doorstep. However, they are expensive most of the time. Besides, you might have to pay a lot for washing your house but might not get the desired service.

They will provide you the professional service along with household repair services, though. If you are in a shortage of money, you can even make your house clean up by yourself.


Now you know how to make your own house wash mixture easily. Be careful about the proper measurements of all the elements and chemicals while making. And mix up the blending very well. The mixture will help you to wash and clean up your house in a very nice way.

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