How To Make Your Small Apartment Appear More Spacious


Living in a small apartment is an ideal choice that every minimalist should make. But the thing is, you want to give people an illusion of a bigger space. So here are some simple and yet useful renovation tips that you can do to make your living space appear a lot bigger than its actual size.

  1. It Pays To Invest In Good Lighting

Stealth Pendant Lamp

For small spaces, you will need to let go of lights that focus on a particular surface. What you can do instead is to choose modern lighting such as sconce light fixtures or a group of pendant lights to help illuminate the entire room, thus creating an illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Avoid Pushing Your Bed Or Any Furniture Directly Against The Wall

Double Beds In Trendy Bedroom

Pushing your furniture against the wall makes space appear a lot smaller than its actual size. It is best to create a gap between the wall and the furniture, as it helps create an illusion of a bigger living space. For your bedroom, you may place a headboard or a small side table inside your bedroom. Also, you can add potted plants between the corner and the living room couch.

  1. Invest In Some Dual-Purpose Furniture

Space Saving Furniture

If you have a small space, it would be best to invest in items that can be used as additional storage space. There are particular couches and bed frames that come with multiple drawers or cabinets where you can keep some of your stuff. Rather than buying standard coffee tables, why not buy a large wooden chest that is a perfect storage space for your blankets, towels, magazines and other home essentials? If you live alone, you may opt to buy a sofa-bed rather than two separate items, to save a lot of space.

  1. Built-In Shelves And Cabinets Should Be Installed Close To The Ceiling

Built-In Shelves

The smaller your living space is, the more creative you should be in terms of creating additional storage space. Position your wooden shelves and cabinets vertically to attract more attention towards the ceiling. The higher the ceilings are, the better. If you have a small place, you have to make sure that your home is always organised and free from any form of clutter.

  1. Choose Bigger Home Decors

Small Figurines

Smaller figurines are lovely to display, but the truth is that it makes your space look more crowded. That is why home experts would recommend using home decors that are larger or close to the actual size of a cantaloupe. You should choose accessories like jars, vases and relics that are eye-catching. You do not need to buy a lot of them. A few pieces can do wonders in making your space appear larger.

Lastly, if you want to create an illusion of a bigger room, place a large mirror opposite your living room window; also, feel free to do more research on the internet on how to make your home look more spacious than its actual size.


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