How To Make Your Small Bathroom Shine


Bathrooms are one of the essential rooms in the home, but they are often the smallest. This is a problem given how commonly they’re used. So here are a few tips on how to make your small bathroom shine.

Maximize Natural Light

Bathroom Natural Lighting

Natural light connects indoor living spaces with the outdoors, making it seem more substantial and more inviting. If you can, open up the windows in the bathroom. You can also put mirrors on the walls or the door opposite the bathroom windows to maximize reflected light. This doesn’t have to impact your privacy; use a translucent window shade to let in light while preventing peeping toms.

Replace Your Shower Screen

Replace Your Shower Screen

Use a clear glass shower screen to make space feel bigger and brighter. Transparent shower screens allow natural light into the shower area. This doesn’t have to come at the expense of privacy. Patterned or translucent shower screens allow light through and make space feel more substantial than if a solid wall or thick shower curtain was separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. A clear glass screen is ideal for this purpose.

Choose The Right Colour Scheme

Bathroom Color Scheme

Different color schemes are an excellent way to segregate a space. Keep everything one color scheme to make it feel like one, ample area. If you have a bathroom that’s only partially tiled, paint the rest of the room the same color as the tile. If possible, extend them to the ceiling so that there doesn’t seem to be a visual divider that makes the tiled area look smaller. Better yet, use large plain tiles so that they look more significant. Often, the ideal color is white. You don’t want everything in the bathroom to be white since it quickly picks up stains. Try mixing and matching off-white items like towels and bathmats. If you choose a different color like grey or blue, maintain that color scheme from the tile to the towels used.

Maintain Long, Clean Lines

Storage Racks

Try and create long lines throughout your bathroom. Don’t put storage racks or cleaning items along the main thoroughfare or in the line of sight to the tub or window. You can have horizontal lines between narrow walls to make that particular space seem more significant. It can be as simple as a series of shelves on that wall. To emphasize your area, install recessed lighting, whether it’s in the ceiling or the wall mirror. When you don’t have hanging light fixtures, this minimizes the sense of clutter and emphasizes straight lines that make space seem more significant.

Extend Your Mirrors

Extend Your Mirrors

One way to make the bathroom seem more significant is by extending the mirrors. Instead of having a mirror that’s only the size of a medicine cabinet, choose mirrors that extend from the top of the sink to the ceiling. The reflection will make space seem more significant.

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