How To Market Your Garden When Selling Your Property


Market Your Garden

Gardens are often people’s favourite leisure spaces, and just as we decorate our interiors, we like to landscape them to our tastes. So, it should be no surprise that when you’re selling your home, a garden needs to be marketed in the same way as the inside is. But with personal tastes varying so much and gardens being capable of different functions, how do you market it for selling? Well, there are some garden features that people crave more than others, so this is a good place to start.

A Lawn Is Always Popular 

Lawns are great family spaces where kids and pets can play safely. And an expanse of green always looks more attractive than an expanse of grey concrete. So, a lawn in a garden is always attractive to buyers.

If you don’t have a lawn, but you have the space, lay some turf. Although turf laying prices can be expensive with the cost of preparing the ground, the turf itself and regular maintenance until you sell, it’s certainly worth doing. It’s likely you’ll recoup your outlay in the sale, and you may well sell your property quicker.

If you have a lawn, but it’s not looking its best, then give it some TLC. For a scruffy looking lawn, simply mow the grass and neaten the edges using shears or an edging tool. However, if it’s not looking healthy and the cause isn’t obvious, call a gardener in to bring it back to life. Again, the outlay is worth the rewards.

Somewhere To Sit And Entertain 

Most of us have a patio or deck area in our gardens, and this is a good selling point. But simply having this feature won’t sell your home. First, it needs to look in good condition. So, keep it clean and well-maintained with regular brushing and washing. Re-oil or stain wood where necessary and remove weeds to keep it tidy.

Secondly, you need to dress your entertaining space properly. Styling it with outdoor furniture and accessories will help buyers see its full potential. A simple table and chair set are fine, but add cushions to the seats and set the table with a small pot of flowers as a centrepiece and lay it with a couple of glasses or cups. This will showcase how it can be used for al-fresco dining.

See It From A Buyer’s Point Of View

How do you know whether your garden is ready for selling? Well, you need to look at your garden from a buyer’s point of view rather than your own. So, take a walk around it with a fresh pair of eyes. Think about what a buyer might be looking for. Does it feel spacious enough? Is it overlooked by neighbours? Does it look high-maintenance or in need of work?

If you find this task difficult, invite a friend or neighbour around and get their opinion. Don’t be offended by their thoughts but think about how you can improve on what they’re seeing. And any issues that arise from this exercise should be tackled, whether that’s fixing broken fencing, creating better screening or removing clutter.

Point Out The Positive Features

Favorite Leisure Spaces

You may think the positive features of your garden are obvious, but to a potential buyer, they might not be. So, you need to point them out. Whether that’s by talking to people during viewing or by staging the garden is up to you.

If you fancy the direct approach, tailor your conversation to the people viewing it. If it’s a young family, mention how much your children or young family members love playing in it. Or, if it’s a professional couple, point out how great it is for entertaining during the summer. And if it gets lots of sunlight, say how enjoyable that is. But do this in a subtle and friendly way rather than pushing these points too firmly.

Should you plan to have your agent show people around, then a bit of clever staging will work just as well. As well as dressing the patio area, think about other ways to dress the garden.

That may be a nicely positioned kid’s swing on the lawn or a croquet set laid out as though halfway through a game to entice family buyers. Or perhaps an unlit fire pit loaded up with logs to attract younger buyers. But don’t go overboard; otherwise, the garden will look cluttered and messy. Essentially, you want to show how the garden could be used by the buyers and hint at the lifestyle they could have by buying your house and garden.

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