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A soaking air bathtub does exactly what its name suggests. These tubs wash away the stress of the day. It is designed to offer you a place to soak.

A good-looking air bathtub can create an ultimate luxury bathroom. It is designed for long and comfortable soaks, which are more profound than the usual or typical tubs. The best air bathtub depths allow for approximately 12″ of water.

A good soaking tub should allow at least 14″ or more so that water in the tub covers most of the person’s body.

Measuring the soaking depth of the tub can be done easily without the help of a professional. They are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind bringing a beautiful addition to your home.

It may look difficult as to where to start, but the good thing is that the job only requires a measuring tape and little patience. Tubs can be a great focal point in our bathroom, so getting the right size with proper depths is essential.

How to Measure the Soaking Depth:

There is no standard size for the soaking tub; however, many soaking tubs have a shorter length than other tubs.

The soaking tubs range from the compact 54-inch to the whopping 90-inch or more in length. Likewise, the width varies from 19-inch to an oversized 76-inch.

Measuring the soaking depth of the tub might sound easy, but without following proper steps, a simple mistake can ruin the entire bathroom look.

Getting the correct measurement is essential. If you are looking to measure the depth of your soaking tub, the steps below will guide you on how to do it perfectly.

  1. Check The Dimensions Of The Soaking Tub

As we have seen above, there is no such thing as a standard tub size for a soaking tub, even though there are some sizes that are mostly used than others.

Getting the correct depth of the soaking tub is an important thing. It is because the depth is the one that determines how comfortable you will be while bathing.

Soaking tubs come in different shapes and sizes, and the key to getting the right tub for your home is taking the correct measurements and then selecting the tub that fits. When measuring the depth of your soaking tub, it is essential to know the space and all other necessary measurements.

  1. Check The Dimensions Of The Length And Width

The next thing to do is to measure the width of the tub. It is very simple. Just start from the outside lip to the tub’s wall and then add an extra inch to the account for the part of the tub fitted against the wall. Get the correct dimensions of the width to determine the depth of the tub.

To measure the tub’s length, measure from one end of the wall to the other end, and then add an extra inch at both ends to account for any parts of the tub that are hidden. So you are required to add extra two inches to the measurement while measuring the length.

When you measure the dimensions, ensure that you measure from the same point on every side or at each point. If not, you may add extra width or length to the actual dimensions. After taking the measurements and you are sure about the accuracy, you can now measure the depth.

  1. Measuring The Depth Of The Soaking Tub

The buoyancy you feel when bathing in the deep water is the main reason why soaking tubs feel so comfortable. The depth is the interior measurement of the tub from the deepest point of the bath to the overflow.

It is gauging the depth of water your tub can hold. The most useful rule to remember when working on the depth of the soaking tub is that the depth of the water should be enough to cover your chest while seated.

However, different individuals are made with different shapes and sizes, so in practice, we do not have a fixed depth that defines the effectiveness of the soaking tub.

A soaking tub is designed to offer a depth of at least 14-inches or more to allow water to cover the majority of your body.

To determine how deep your water tub is, measure your tub from the bottom of the interior into the overflow drain on the side of your tub that is designed to control the tub’s overflow.

Calculate or measure the average depth of the soaking tub with the graduated bottom depth as the deepest measurement plus the shallowest measurement divided by the two points.

For example, if your soaking tub is four feet deep at one end and two feet deep at the other, the average depth will be three feet.

If any user has a physical limitation, it is advisable to consider the shallower tub or put some steps to enable easier and safer access. The common tub soaking depth is 14-inch to 17-inch. Different models and makes of the bathtub styles may lead to differences in the depths.

Final Verdict

Soaking tubs are designed in different ranges of shapes and sizes, similar to the size of the bathroom.

Getting the correct measurements of the depth of your soaking tub is crucial since it determines how comfortable your bath is. It is essential to have the soaking tub depth that makes you feel extraordinary.

We hope that the information provided will give you concise information on measuring the soaking depth of a tub. Whether you are looking to replace an existing tub or install one, getting the correct measurements is very important.

Generally, these tubs range in length from 60 inches to 72 inches. They are also available as single tub or two-person bathtubs.

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