How To Organise Your Home


How To Organise Your Home

If you think that an organized home is an abode of highly efficient people, think again. This is partly true.

You can also have a tidy and well-organized home with these easy-to-do tips. Start small and begin small areas or a single drawer in your home. Once you and your family members successfully clean up one area, it will propel you to undertake more. Finally, a well-organized home will save a lot of precious time and energy of yours and make life easier for all of you.

  1. Living Room

This is where we greet our guests, and they create the first impression about us based on the room’s décor and cleanliness. Also, this is the room where we relax, watch TV, play games, read books, engage in conversation, and host parties. So it is important to keep this room tidy and welcoming.

First, divide the area into zones to cater to different activities and arrange the furniture accordingly. Keep the main area for seating, watching TV, and socializing. Create a separate reading corner and children’s zone if you have enough space. Arrange the magazines in a basket or magazine rack. Otherwise, stack them next to the lounger or in your reading corner for easy accessibility.

Fold away the newspaper and keep it under the table or in the storeroom with old papers. Ensure a cleaner table-top by arranging items like boxes, remotes, decorative items, etc., in a tray. Keep things like coins, keys, and pens in bins, bowls, or drawers. You can also hang house keys and car keys from hooks on the wall. Always keep the items at their designated places. Inculcate the habit among your children as well.

Get beautiful colored and patterned boxes in various sizes to store your essential things. Your decorative items need not be displayed all at once and can also be stored in these boxes. When they come out, other items can go in the box. These boxes can be stored under the sofa, on the shelf, or in a corner, and with these, you can transform a room from untidy to chic in a jiffy.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of each house, and we spend considerable time here when we cook, eat, and utilize it as a conversation hub. So keep this room clean, well organized, and efficient to save time and energy and maintain the family’s health and hygiene. Dedicate separate space on the countertop for your gadgets like microwave, mixer-grinder, coffee-maker, toaster, and cooking oven. Keep enough space for cooking, which is the room’s primary purpose, and store other items in the cabinets or the pantry.

Get sliding drawers in the cabinet to easily access your jars and utensils that otherwise occupy the deep corners of the shelves. Pull-down racks and tiered stacking shelves would increase the functional aspect of your kitchen. Buy modular organizers to de-clutter your drawer. Even wire baskets or plastic/cardboard boxes of different sizes can do the trick by arranging your cutlery and other kitchen items neatly inside the drawer.

A glass-front cabinet will prompt you to organize your crockery as well as the jars and bottles neatly. This, in return, will enable you to find them easily. Store your groceries in transparent containers or jars with labels to not have to look into several jars before finding the one you are looking for.

  1. Bathroom

This is perhaps the busiest room and caters to different functions by several members of the house. So, it is important that every member keeps attention to its cleanliness and organizing aspect. Towel racks, a sink counter, cabinets—are the essential items that would help you store and arrange your towels and toiletries.

A laundry basket will take care of your wet towels and used clothes, ready to go into the machine. Put hooks on the walls and behind the doors to hang clothes and towels. Get shelves on the wall and corner to keep your shampoo, body wash, and oils. A basket can hold your rolled-up clean towels.

  1. Drawers

Often, we stuff items haphazardly in the drawers, create a disorganized space, and have difficulty finding things at times of need. But you can use this out-of-sight storage area more efficiently with better space management. Drawer organizers are available in a wide range of designs and materials for different types of drawers. Get more out of your closet with these organizers and sail through the morning rush hour. You can arrange your undergarments, hankies, socks, ties, belts, etc., in compartmentalized spaces in a single drawer.

Similarly, for folded t-shirts and tops, you can buy drawers with more depth and higher sides. Many like to use plastic boxes to arrange their shirts and t-shirts neatly in the closet. Store your precious jewelry, watches, and even sunglasses in a suede modular organizer with separate compartments for rings, chains, bracelets, etc. Several of these can be kept inside a drawer or on the dresser and even be stacked together for efficient storage.

Save precious space on your dresser or vanity counter with acrylic organizer trays. These multi-functional trays have separate spaces for your make-up brushes, lipsticks, shadow, foundation, etc. Even adjustable dividers will accommodate all your cosmetics with a flourish. When your dresser is clutter-free, who needs nirvana? Stylishly arrange your pencils, pens, craft items, notepads, scissors, and other desktop paraphernalia in lightweight silver-mesh modular organizers.

  1. Entryway

Most of our clutter enters through the front door, say experts. So if you have drawers, hangers, and boxes at the entryway, then you will neither keep your keys on the coffee table nor will your children dump their stuff on the dining table. A premium coat hanger can take care of the coat, a bin will store your umbrellas, and a landing strip will enable you to sort all the mail and separate the pamphlets from letters and bills.

Set up a communication hub for your family. A magnetic board can display the notes and shopping list. A calendar can mark the important engagements of different family members. At the same time, a multi-pocket organizer can take care of the letters and bills. So do not get bogged down by the mess. Take up one room at a time.

Involve other family members in the exercise and also try to make it a regular habit. Experts say that it is not always important to throw away old things but display or utilize them differently or recycle them. A clean and organized home will usher in good vibes and cheer you up whenever you come in through the front door.

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