How To Organize Home Office To Boost Your Productivity


Organized Home Office

Home offices. A blessing and a curse at the same time. If it feels too homey, you are not going to work at all, but if you keep it sterile and boring, then it is not going to work either. You have to find that fine line between work and pleasure and still have an inspiring work environment.

Working from home is the dream of many, and it should be an advantage. So you should not sabotage yourself by relaxing too much. That is usually when things get going downhill. If you are wondering how to keep your productivity level high, while still working from home (not in PJs), we have some ideas for creative office areas.

Is the Home Office a Real Office?

Many people who are working from home have the need to have a separate room, literally their office, where they come to do their work. Others need a simple desk or a standing desk converter, chair, and a laptop, and they can work anywhere. Today in the bedroom, tomorrow in the kitchen, etc. If you do not have a spare room that can be turned into an office, then it is ok to wander around the house until you find that perfect working corner. But once you settle, make sure that area is reserved for working, keep it clutter-free and neat.

A Desk is Not a Storage

Home Office Desk

Whatever you are doing, you are probably surrounded by papers, books, and notebooks. It all starts as one small pile, and before you notice, you are surrounded by papers, and you cannot find anything. That is why you need drawers, binders, shelves, or organizers that will help you keep everything under control. Keep your desk surface clean and leave only the basic necessities on it.

Invest in a Good Chair

Office Chair

No, you cannot work while sitting on your kitchen bar chair or any other chair that does not support your back and spine properly. People often neglect the importance of having a proper office chair. But sooner or later, your back pain will let you know that it was enough. Sitting for hours on a chair that is not comfortable or supportive enough can cause back and neck pain. But not just that. It will kill your will for working from home because you will connect it to pain and discomfort.

Give it a Dash of You

You know how regular offices are boring; perhaps there is a calendar on the wall or a clock, and that is pretty much it. Oh, and a company’s logo, of course. But at home, you can hang your custom metal art signs that carry empowering messages, inspiring quotes, your name, or anything that is important to you. That office has to resemble you, who you are and what is important to you. You can add pictures of your family, your awards, plaques, anything that motivates you to do your best.

Light it Up

Light is essential for many reasons. A bright and sunbathed space will always look more inspiring and bigger. Set your desk against the window or right next to it. The bright sunlight will help you wake up in the morning and stay focused. In case you do not have enough natural light in your home office, make sure to install your lighting carefully. You will need it, especially during the afternoon and evening hours when the day goes off. Combine white and warm light bulbs, to avoid that too bright and artificially white effect.



Many are following the trend of urban jungles and Plantasia like interiors, so if you are not into a decoration, bringing in some plants will give more life to your office. You can find a few sorts that are easy to maintain and do not require watering on a daily level. Also, you can find excellent artificial plants that look pretty real. Various succulents are a great option for that because there is no way to figure out they are fake at first glance.

Keep it Cozy, But Not Too Cozy

As mentioned before, you have to keep in mind that it is your office space, not your living room or bedroom. So a simple rug, a throw blanket on the chair, and textured curtains will do the job and make your space look comfortable enough. Not as cold as a regular office, and not as warm as a living room.

Are Home Offices Really Better?

Well, it depends. You have to try and see it for yourself. If you have small children who are running around the house, laughing, crying, screaming, it can be a challenge. But it is not impossible if you have a separate room. The key is to make your home office become your advantage. And one way of achieving that is to organize it in a way that it is comfortable enough for work, so the time you spend it is not wasted.

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